DHS demands TCC and authorities the recovery of Mohenjodaro articles theft


LARKANA: August 16, 2015. (Nazir Siyal) District Historical Society has demanded of Archaeological authorities and Sindh government to save Mohenjodaro and recover precious ancient articles and other property already theft. DHS Larkana Secretary General Professor Mukhtiar Samo talking to this scribe disclosed that Mohen-jo-Daro is the sole property of indigenous people, the articles and original books by John Marshal were disappeared for a long during repair work on Museum at Mohenjodaro in February 03, 2013. Mr. Samo demanded of Technical Consultative Committee (TCC) of National Fund for MohenjoDaro to immediately recover the property of Mohenjodaro and preserve archaeology sites. He said TCC meeting is scheduled on Monday (today) to discuss archaeological site issues and its proper development. He also demanded of the Provincial Minister of Culture and Tourism Sharmeela Farooqi and higher authorities to fix the responsibility of theft of valuable articles and original books by Marshal he told. According to DHS Secretary General the researchers and visitors are keen and eye on these articles, so that Sindh government should immediately recover ancient articles of Mohenjodaro and original books and other valuables. Mukhtiar Samo said they will not compromise on such a behavior by authorities have speedy ruined world heritage Mohenjodaro, adding that we need to scientifically take steps to preserve and protect ourt heritage. It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that there during February 03, 2013, additional secretary Moosvi had carried out work on Museum and closed, simultaneously the articles and original books had been shifted to Karachi but yet not returned sourced disclosed. Several times Technical Consultative Committee (TCC) of National Fund for Mohenjo Daro held meetings to development and preserve Mohenjo Daro but mismanagement and corruption in the funds have been witnessed and even there are several senior posts violated and fake appointments or instead of Department transfers and senior officers removed or charge given to inefficient officials was observed routine at the archaeology site. Mohenjodaro museum have been ruined completely and the sites also, adding that currently there is no any Archaeologist available on World heritage site. This situation is not only at the Mohenjodaro site, but also other world heritage sites Makli Hill Monuments Thatta, Bhambhore and other locations witnessed. According to the sources a senior officer (Curator-B-17) was transferred to UmerKot, where the same grade non-technical officer deputed at Umerkot museum, while the Curator B-17 is sanctioned against and two officials B-11 serving and Conservation Assistant transfer from Umerkot and posted in Makli site sources told. There are several other projects and huge funds are available for archaeological sites in Sindh according to Sindh Govt’s Budget book 2015-16 page 8556, 8582 & culture department website, but all projects still in doldrum. DHS claimed that at least 15.000 million of allocations per year and many other funds among National Fund for Moenjodaro are available but millions of funds yet could not utilized. Sources disclosed that world heritage fund for monuments in Sindh was an ADP project Protection, Preservation Promotion and Development of World Heritage Site of MohenjoDaro with a cost Rs. 10 million was witnessed drawn every year but no work was carried out but the Culture department Sindh’s website showing all the funds utilized every year. There is no accountability of funds and authorities brutally looted the wealth, while during previous month’s rain severely damaged all parts of site of Mohenjodaro and the public also vandalized moenjodaro.

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