It is Canada? Toronto city subsidize apartment building where infidels cannot reside


Toronto: August 29, 2015. (PCP) “Ban on Infidels to get housing in an apartment building in Toronto where city government entered in an agreement with mosque that only Muslims will reside in this building” against which one Canadian citizen named Ezra Levant have launched a petition. The issue surfaced in limelight when one Canadian citizen Mr. Austin Lewis aged 21-year and paralyzed, (confined to a wheelchair) needed public housing. Mr. Lewis applied to live in a taxpayer-subsidized apartment on Finch Avenue in Toronto but he was told that he wasn’t allowed — because he wasn’t a Muslim! Not only did the City of Toronto knew about this ban on non-Muslims, they approved it in a special contract with the Muslim mosque that runs the place. So taxpayers of all religions are forced to subsidize a special apartment building just for Muslims. In petition open for signature states that “No infidels allowed means Sharia law has come to Toronto — with City Hall’s blessing” Petition further says “We have to tell Toronto Mayor John Tory, and the whole city council, that a “no infidels allowed” public housing policy is just as un-Canadian as a “no Jews allowed” or “no Blacks allowed” policy would be. It’s discriminatory. It’s just not the Canadian way” Ezra Levant, the petitioner propose “I believe that private property owners should be allowed to decide who they rent to — even if they discriminate against “infidels” like Austin Lewis. But this is public housing and taxpayer money shouldn’t go to set up a sharia law ghetto”

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