Tragedy of murder of Martyr Sanina Faisal Masih. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


30th December is black day for Pakistani Christian, especially Pakistani Asylum seekers. One woman named Sanina (Samina nickname) Wife of Faisal Masih had been died in Immigration Detention Centre Bangkok, Thailand on 30th December 2015. She belonged to City of Karachi of Pakistan. She had one son (two Year Old). “And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them”. (Revelation 14: 13). It is wonderful dignity and honor for those who died in Christ in Asylum seeker or normally, they are blessed dead, they did not die but they sleep in Christ. We have hope in Christ who is Enthroned God in Heavens. It is blessed hope for all Christian who loves and remains in Christ to live by faith in Christ not by sight. They will rule with Christ for 1000s year, we have wonderful hope to be raised in Christ when Lord Jesus Christ. (Revelation 20: 4 – 6). Another good news for Christian who are in Christ, they will take birth two times in Christ, one time from mother’s womb and second time in Christ, Who are in Christ they have no second death. In the Christianity, there are two deaths, one is spiritual and second one is physical death. Physical death is nothing in the Christianity but spiritual death. Who are died spiritually, they will have to face both deaths, at the end, and they will be thrown in the eternal burning fire of lake. We have eternal example of our Lord Jesus Christ who rose again from dead, now we have blessed hope in Christ that we will be raised up with Lord Jesus Christ in his second coming for us (Revelation 1: 5). Lord Jesus Christ said that I am way, life and resurrection. This Lady sanina (Samina) our sister in Christ will be raised up in Christ again. She suffered for her faith in Christ; She did labor for her faith much in Christ. Today’s tragedy of Pakistani Asylum Seeker This Martyr lady of Pakistan, Sanina (Samina) Faisal’s daughter was died in March 2015 in Thailand for seeking Asylum UNHCR. She could not get proper help for her health in Immigration Detention Center. At the end, she surrendered life to God for her faith in Christ. She was arrested on 20th December 2015, She was sick in Immigration Detention Center (IDC) on 24 December 2015. UNHCR had delayed two times her interview already. Nobody knew about her sickness except UNHCR and IDC. We can not blame UNHCR only but English countries who did not take action for stateless Christian. Even we can not blame Immigration (IDC) because they did not have faith in Christ; even we can not believe because they did not sign for Asylum seeker and refuges. Now I want to give you good hope in Christ my dear brothers and sister s of Asylum seeker and refuges of Thailand. I have got new reports about UNHCR. UNHCR is limited for sending Asylum Seekers regarding capacity of funds to other countries. We will have to appeal to countries (USA, Germany, France, UK, and Canada, New Zealand, Holland and all European Countries and allies. Because they did not take action for Asylum seekers as they did take action for Pakistani Shia Muslim. I want to remind you that Shia Muslim who were killed by other Muslim in Baluchistan, the hearts of Australians melted with pity and announced that they have opened the gates for 2500 Shia families to settle them in their country. It is on the record. When Malala Yousaf Zai was attacked by the terrorists, British and the American rushed at the spot, took her for treatment considering her life of high value. It is also irony of fate that these English countries treat these stateless Christians discriminately as if any Christian. It is also brutal action of those English countries, if any Christian by one way or other way succeeds in moving to any other country to seek protection. Then humanity lovers doubt them as Pakistani stateless Christian, It means that for Christian there are no humanity lovers. They did not help them but they again handed them over to Pakistani Government back. Perhaps they think that the lives of these stateless Christian have no value. In the cases of Christians, it is said that if these Christian have danger to their lives on one place, they move to another place in Pakistan, on other place they have to ask Government and Military protection at least they are being died in Pakistan because Government and Military is also Muslim of some extremist. In this way, Christian had been running from one place to other place. If it is not then why is clause or reason for only stateless Christian? Besides other cases where Christian villages, churches and colonies had been burnt and some Christian burnt alive and so many Christian had been killed under Blasphemy laws. I request you all Christina Pakistan and Asylum seekers to pray for UNHCR to extend their capacity of funds to support Christian to send them, all European countries and English must take action for Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers as they did take for Shia Muslim and Malala etc. Don’t be dishearten and discouraged, you are blessed because you are facing for your faith in Christ these difficulties and persecution. Please pray for Pakistani Asylum Seeker’ courage and faith encouragement that are going to be died in Thailand for sake of their faith in Christ for seeking Asylum. We request you to wake up and pray for justice. Otherwise all Asylum seekers will be died here in the Thailand without justice under UNHCR’s brutal policies and delay of so many cases. They did not take care of women, patients, pregnant women and children. It is cruelty with humanity. Who will ask UNHCR about murder of Faisal’s wife who had been died in Immigration Detention Center? Who will take care of her two year son of Sanina Faisal’ and their families? Please pray for them.

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