Kidnapping and enforced conversion to Islam for marriage of graduate Christian girl


Sahiwal, Pakistan: July 18, 2016. (PCP) A young Christian girl student of Master’s degree in Physics was kidnapped by Muslim culprits from Lahore and enforcedly converted to Islam and taken in Islamic marriage by one of kidnapper. Christian girl Sobia Nadeem hailed from Sahiwal city was studying science in Lahore for prosper future to fulfill dreams of her late father whom some Muslim culprits from her city followed her in Lahore and kidnaped her. Muslim kidnappers of Sobia Nadeem crossed more than dozen police and law enforcement check posts and brought her to Sahiwal where on gunpoint one of kidnapers named Mohammad Hamza married her under Islamic Rituals. The culprits then took her in another city Depalpur where they kept her locked in a house. After some days Sobia Nadeem found door unlocked from outside and ran away. Sobia Nadeem after freedom from kidnappers reached back home with her widow mother and siblings when her mother was on death bed on missing of her daughter. Mother of Sobia Nadeem and other family members decided not to inform area police to save family name and kept silent on kidnapping, enforced conversion to Islam and marriage with kidnapper because they were also fearful of influence of Muslims. When kidnapper witnessed that family of Sobia Nadeem have filed any police report then Mohammad Hamza real culprit filed a petition u/s 491 cr pc in the court of Afshan Ejaz Sofi additional sessions judge Sahiwal against two younger brothers of Sobia with the prayer that his wife Sobia is in illegal custody of Christians. Mohammad Hamza pleaded in court that Sobia Nadeem converted in Islam from Christianity and got married with him while her mother and brothers want to kill Sobia so the petition may kindly be accepted and directed to SHO to recover his wife. Attorney Javed Sahotra on behalf of Sobia and her two brothers appeared before the court and argued that petitioner Mohammad Hamza after kidnapping Sobia forcibly got converted her to Islam and got married against her will so nikah with Sobia is fake and she is still Christian. Javed Sahotra Advocate told court that Sobia Nadeem is a Christian girl and cannot be given in custody to non-Christian when he got married forcibly under abduction. The learned court heard arguments and recorded statement of victim who said “I am living with my mother with my own free will and free consent" she also told to court real facts regarding her kidnapping and fake marriage incident. "In the light of the statement Sobia the alleged detune, she is set at liberty whose thumb impressions been obtained on margin have of court order sheet which is identified by Javed Sahotra advocate" to go with her mother. The Muslims who accompanied Mohammad Hamza in court attempted to kidnap Sobia from court compound after a verdict which was foiled by attorney Javed Sahotra. After this court case Mohammad Hamza threatened mother and brothers of Sobia that Sobia is Muslim now she cannot reside with your Christian family in your house if you did give me her custody then be ready for consequences.

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