Blasphemy Case registered for forbidding to use the sound system for listening an Islamic poetic song


Faisalabad: March 1, 2018. (PCP) LEAD has confirmed that a ‘blasphemy’ case FIR No.338/18 has been registered on February 24, 2018 against five Christian men and one woman, one Muslim and three unknown Christians on the allegation of hurting the feelings of Muslims by forbidding to use the sound system for Islamic poetic song at Police Station Saddar in Faisalabad. According to the contents of FIR, the complainant, Munawar Hussain, his brother, Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Rizwan and some other Muslims of the area near a Khushkhabri (Gospel) Church in his own shop at about 9 pm, they were listening an Islamic poetic song on sound system and on the wall in the front of the shop, they were making to get write an Islamic poetry praising Islamic Prophet Muhammad. And the accused 1-Fiaz, 2-Riaz, 3-Imtiaz, 4- Sarfraz, 5- Saqib alias Saqi son of Muhammad Mansha, 6-Kashif and 7-Mrs. Riaz including three unknown persons mentioned in the FIR, came and they forbade to write on the wall and to use sound system at late night due to which their religious feelings be hurt. In this case the act of the complainant and his accomplices is illegal as well ill ethic because they were violating the law to use sound system and in front of Church among Christians community purposefully to make them disturbed. It seems as there are only Islamic people have religious feelings which are being hurt by Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan and Islamic people think that people of other faiths have no feelings at all that’s why the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has barred the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) from making any changes in the religion column on national identity cards of the Muslim citizens. Sardar Mushtaq Gill, lawyer and Human Rights Defender told that the contents of the FIR No.338/18 itself shows that the complainant along with other Muslims were violating the law by using sound system at late night and without permission and if the accused mentioned in the said FIR had forbidden them to use the sound system even then it wasn’t any crime and offence rather the complainant along with his accomplices had committed offence of using sound system hence they should be booked in a criminal case. He further stated that the justice system of Pakistan was totally in hands and control of Islamic radical Groups and they had at theirs back the security and secret agencies of Pakistan which is the main hurdle to prevail justice in Pakistan. It can be witnessed through different cases of Christians that they were discriminated and persecuted by the investigators of the law enforcement persons why because in those departments too there are some Islamic Extremists who belong to those extremist Islamic groups. Blasphemy laws are overwhelmingly being used to persecute religious minorities and to settle personal vendettas and the main vendetta is to spread Islam by the persecution of people of other faiths. Christians are the main target of Islamic religious forces that’s why they are attacked as a whole community whenever any Christian was accused of blasphemy. These laws should be repealed because this is the fire which is in hands of monkeys who can burn any innocent lives.

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