Girl thrown from window after rejection of Muslim traffickers marriage proposal


September 17, 2018. (PCP) A Karachi-based Christian woman of only 18 was thrown from the second-floor building of her own home for refusing to "marry" a local Muslim man who was running a trafficking ring. BPCA was told about how the man initially contacted Beenish and her family. Tahir Abbas (22 yrs) who resides in the same city as Beenish Paul became infatuated with the Grade 10 student when he saw her going to school one day. After that he began stalking her and regularly pursued her, however she understood this attention more innocently and because of his persistence she eventually accepted him as a friend because she had the impression that he sincerely liked her. Feigning love, the resident of Gulstan-e-Johar came to Beenish's (18) home to propose and then attempted to blackmail her into marriage, after she noticed some suspicious behaviour. At this rejection Tahir became angry and continued to insist that they get married. Beenish continued to reject his proposition, Tahir pushed the teenager from the second floor to the ground. She was immediately taken to the Jinnah hospital where she was told by doctors that her backbone and leg bones have been displaced and broken. When Tahir found out about her medical condition, he bribed the hospital administration members to hide her medical report. When Beenish's parents gave an application to police station in order to register an FIR against Tahir about this incident, they were harassed for their efforts to hold a known criminal accountable. The police, initially supported Tahir's attempt to avoid justice and pressured the family to withdraw the application, but finally the FIR was registered and Tahir was arrested. Remarkable this case has drawn the attention of some in the wider community. A statement by Muslim social activist Jibran Nisar identifies the perpetrator as the ring leader of a trafficking grooming gang that lures young woman with promises of marriage in order to trap them with criminal intent in mind. In his statement to the press he said the gang is connected to a political party that welds a lot of power over people in the area. Jibran Nisar, also reports that the pair were engaged in a relationship, but when Beenish discovered Tahor's illicit activities and tried to break off contact and end the relationship he pushed her from a balcony leaving her with multiple fractures in her legs and back, life altering injuries that have her fighting for her life. Beenish Paul's life is hanging in the balance and the family still faces enormous pressure, the police had initially allowed the the culprit remain at large instead of immediately being put being behind the bars . This incident has raised more questions about the story of Pakistani Christians and about the justice system of Pakistan which is failed to give the justice to the peaceful minority community in Pakistan. Jibran Nasir one of the activists who has been helping Beenish and her family get justice, explained further details about the altercation during a statement at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club. We have translated it from Urdu for you: "Tahir had opened a bank account in Beenish's name and was using it illicitly. "When reviewing the statements Beenish Paul began to suspect Tahir Abbas of using her identity to enact fraudulent activity. "Beenish resisted Tahir Abbas and questioned him about some of the strange transactions because it was her bank account that was being used. He began threatening her stating he would implicate her in the crime. "Beenish ended the relationship in response. "Tahir Abbas became enraged and threw her from the balcony of her house. The fall from her balcony left Beenish Paul with severe damage to her body especially her ankles and her spine." In his statement the activist asserted that Tahir also took Beenish Paul's signature on blank paper and threatened to present a fake marriage certificate that could implicate her in his nefarious activities and that was to be used to blackmail her and her family in the future. He continued: "Initially Tahir Abbas used his influence with the hospital and police station to delay the report from the Medical Laboratory Observer (MLO) and to ensure no FIR was registered against him. "He also threatened and attempted to bribe the family of Beenish Paul calling for them to drop the case. His actions made it difficult for Beenish Paul's brother Danish Paul, her uncle Kamran Shahzad and her father Paul to get justice against Tahir. "Tahir Abbas is part of a gang who used to trap young girls by grooming them for marriage. This gang is a powerful gang and supported by the a political party [which was not named by Jabrin Nasir]. "The influence of the gang was such that after the report to police of the attack on Beenish, Tahir the assailant visited her family home and threatened her family with officers of the Taimooria police. "The Taimooria Police even drove the assailant to Beenish's home in a police vehicle! Moreover Tahir Abbas also filed a counter-allegation against the family of Beenish Paul stating that the family tried to kill him at their house and that he killed Beenish while escaping. "A nonsense argument that Taimooria police focused on, rather than trying to get justice for now disabled Beenish...." Jibran further added: "....We would like to give special Thanks to DIG Aamir Farooqi who immediately ordered an enquiry and ordered the arrest of Tahir Abbas after evidence was placed before him. "We are happy that an arrest took place two days later. DIG Aamir Farooqi also helped the family of Beenish obtain a MLO for Beenish Paul after unwarranted delay by hospital staff. "According to the initial enquiry report, there is a gang who is working to trap the girls and then to blackmail them and this gang has a backup from the political party as well. "We believe that this mindset is the reason why Tahir Abbas was unafraid of harming Beenish Paul and these men dominating and supporting unjust thinking needs to be stopped. "We are proud of Beenish Paul father who didn't stay quiet but raised his voice against the injustice that was committed against Beenish Paul to get justice for his daughter." Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said: "A grave injustice has been done against young Beenish, she has been groomed by Tahir a member of a human trafficking gang made up from influential Muslims. "Now despite simply being lured into a confusing and predatory relationship by this young Muslim man with notable ill-intent we find that her folly has left her implicated in a major fraud and almost certainly permanently disabled. "With her mobility gone and now suffering extreme pain as she recovers from the physical and emotional pain from the wounds inflicted upon her by a sexual predator and misanthrope, she will struggle to maintain her fortitude and sanity during what will mo doubt be a difficult court process. "The very fact that innocent victims like Beenish have to undergo stressful court proceedings with little hope of justice is evidence enough for me that Pakistan is not ready to be received as a democratic nation with any real belief. "If anything the prolonged persecution of minorities should be met with the stiffest sanctions from more equal nations in the west. However, as always real politick based on trade and need for dialogue continue to ruin an positive effects of diplomatic relations with Pakistan."

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