PCSW organizes workshop on Role of Religious Activists


Sialkot: September 29, 2018. (PCP) Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights organized the capacity building training workshop for Religious Activists with the topic of "Role of Religious Activists to create an Inclusive Society in Pakistan, achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Peace with the collaboration of University of Management & Technology (UMT) at Sialkot Campus. Capacity building training workshop for Religious Activists was organized under the project "Interfaith Engagements to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals" a joint project of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights and OBOS "One Body One Spirit Movement" Korea. Director UMT Sialkot Campus Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Belal and Director Academic UMT Sialkot Campus Prof. Dr. Zaffarullah Khan were chief guests of that capacity building training workshop, whereas Chairman Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, Prof. Safdar Bajwa and Prof. Muhammad Usman from UMT conducted this training workshop. Religious Activists from Muslism community, Christian Community and Sikh community participated in the workshop. Prof. Syed Sajjad Haider, Mr. Ashiq Hussain Siddique, Mr. Mian Muhammad Nisar, Qari Gull Muhammad Noorani, Qari Attique Ur Rehman, Mr. Tariq Mahmood and others represented the Muslim community, whereas Sardar Jaskaran Singh, Sardar Sunil Singh, Sardar Kanwar Vikram Singh religious activists from Sikh Community, and Fr. Faisal Pervaiz, Rev. Aslam, Bishop Siraj Masih, Rev. Fr. Francis Anyat, Mr. Emmanuel Gill, Fr. Samuel, Fr. Sarfraz Masih, Fr. Asif Masih, Fr. Saleem Rehmat, Fr. Asif Fazal and others religious activists from Christian community participated in the capacity building training workshop. While conducting the workshop as resource persons Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, Chairman PCSW&HR, Prof Mr. Safdar Bajwa and Prof Muhammad Usman comprehensively briefed the religious activists about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and determined the role of religious activists to achieve the SDGs in Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori urged the religious activists that they should play their important role to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the eradication of poverty, terrorism, extremism and to make an Inclusive society in Pakistan a real welfare state as per the vision of founder of Pakistan Quaide-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He added that Constitution of Pakistan gives full rights to all religious minorities residing in Pakistan, so there should not be concept of majority and minority in Pakistan because we all are Pakistani and progress of Pakistan should be our 1st priority. He also stressed the need for mutual respect, inter-faith harmony and unity among all religions to promote sustainable peace and harmony. Mr. Noori also urged that if we have to made Pakistan a strong and dignified state then we have to assured and give the fundamental human, constitutional and democratic rights to week and depressed communities, first we all are Pakistani then we are Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Hindu etc. He also added that Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights and One Body One Spirit Movement (OBOS) will continue its efforts to engage religious leaders and youth in activities that have a strong symbolic relevance to promote peaceful coexistence and interreligious harmony. PCSW&HR and OBOS are also committed to support creative initiatives that promote justice, peace, unity, mutual respect and harmony. Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori said that religious activists have ability to change the mindset of extremists and they should play their important role to change the mindset of extremists in their jurisdiction. Religious leaders can play a particularly important role in influencing the behavior of those who share their beliefs. Unfortunately, religion has sometimes been misused to justify incitement to violence and discrimination, and it is vital that religious leaders from mall faiths show leadership. He further added that religious activists can also play their role to eliminate the poverty in all forms and everywhere, promoting quality and meaningful education, gender equality, raising awareness regarding climate changes etc. Prof. Muhammad Usman from University of Management & Technology Sialkot Campus comprehensively briefed the religious leaders about The Plan of Action for Religious Leaders and Actors to Prevent Incitement to Violence that Could Lead to Atrocity Crimes This Plan of Action, is result of two years of consultations with leaders from different faiths and religions around the world, includes a rich and broad range of suggestions from ways in which religious leaders and actors can prevent incitement to violence and contribute to peace and stability. All religions teach respect for life, and recognize human beings as fundamentally equal. These principles summon us to show respect for all human beings, even those with whom we might profoundly disagree or whose cultures might seem most alien to us. During the capacity building training workshop the copies of Plan of action were also provided to the all participants. While addressing as chief guests Director UMT Sialkot Campus Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Belal and Director Academic UMT Sialkot Campus Prof. Dr. Zaffarullah Khan called for respect for each other religions and support people, beyond their affiliation with any creed, sect, and color to establish durable peace in the entire region as well as to achieve the SDGs. They said the presence of religious leaders from different schools of thoughts and believes in the training workshop is an evident that we all are united and would joint hand for promote tolerance, peace, and affection among the all believers of all religious residing here in Pakistan. They emphasized that it is need of hour to promote inter-faith harmony and unity among all religions to make the country a cradle of peace. They also said that as religious activists there lied a heavy responsibility on our shoulder to play role in promoting harmony and mutual respect among all faiths, cultures and nations. They also appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights to bring the religious activists form different religions on one agenda. During the capacity building workshop all religious activists determined their role to achieve the SDGs in group work and presented the conclusion of their work. The Participants of workshop also pledged that they will play their role to achieve the SDGs and make Pakistan progressive and moderate society where all enjoy and avail the inclusive and fostering civic rights. It was also decided that periodically meetings of religious activists will be held at PCSW&HR office so that interfaith harmony may be ensured to achieve the SDGs. Certificates were also awarded among the participants of capacity training workshop.

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