Pervaiz Masih Set Free from His Blasphemy charges on 15th January 2019


Kasur: January 19, 2019. (The Voice Society) Advocate Aneeqa Maria chief of The Voice Society who was pleading case of Pervaiz Masih releases facts about his freedom from blasphemy charges here today by this statement.

Pervaiz Masih resident of Garhewala District Kasur was held accused of blasphemy on September 1st 2015. It is one of the rare cases of 295, FIR No: 195/15 in which the accused was granted bail after 20 days of the submission of his challan. His trial started and it took three long years to conclude the trial. Pervaiz Masih and his family suffered a lot and even lost their three years old daughter as the perpetrators of Pervaiz Masih murdered her by drowning her in a tube well and later declared that they committed the murder to punish Pervaiz and his family for uttering derogatory remarks about Holy Prophet. It is pertinent to mention that due to the Police torture on Zarina w/o Pervaiz Masih while interrogating her about Pervaiz, she got severe injuries and her bones were broken and she cannot walk or stand straight. It seemed a never-ending plight, Pervaiz and his family had to stay in hiding during all these years after the being held accused of Blasphemy.

The Honorable Court of Mr. Ejaz Ahmad Bosal however accepted the application of acquittal filed by the Voice’s legal panel but he also gave a second chance to the complainants that they can re-open the case whenever they wish to do so. So it is still a hanging sword on Pervaiz’s fate.

For now, I am happy that he is free from his allegations, and if the complaiannts do not go for appeal against his acquittal he will always be free legally. But still he is a blasphemer and this allegation will follow his fate and it will be hard and challenging for him to survive this allegation.

People thought that after Asia’s release the situation will be different, or the attitude of the courts will be different. But I cannot find any difference in any sort of attitude. The things are the same as they were before, Pervaiz is released in three years because there was no evidence, and his case was pursued seriously. The Voice have got released many people from Blasphemy charges in the past and will continue to help the innocent people in the future as well.

“I, on the behalf of the Voice team and Pervaiz’s family, want to thank all of our friends, partners and people around the world who supported this case with their prayers and concerns and I must say that it is because of their prayers that The Voice have got this opportunity to Thank God and rejoice in him. Thank you for supporting this cause with your prayers” says Aneeqa Maria Advocate        

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