An Open Letter To Sensible Muslim Friends. By Yunis Khushi


Protect your Islam from your own internal enemies: Real enemies of Islam are hiding behind Islam

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

Islam has no threat from the West.  Real threat to Islam comes from extremist Muslims who are promoting hatred against religious minorities and declaring that non-Muslims are kaffirs, those who are motivating Muslim youth to kill those who do not accept Prophet Mohammed as their prophet, those who are motivating Muslims to kidnap Christian, Hindu and Sikh girls, forcibly convert them to Islam and forcibly marry them.

They are doing these injustices and crimes to ensure their place in heaven.  These incidents are promoting hatred among religious minorities against Islam and Muslims.  Religious minorities in Pakistan have to live under a constant threat.  Many are thinking of running away from this country.

How can you expect respect for Islam and Muslims from religious minorities by insulting them, discriminating against them and kidnapping their girls?  To get respect from others, one has to give respect to others.

If you want respect from religious minorities for your religion and yourself, you will have to respect them and provide them security from criminals like Azhar Ali and judges like Amjad Ali Sahito and all those police personnel who are supporting Azhar Ali who kidnapped a 13 year old child Arzoo Raja, forced her into Islam and continues to rape her.    This child is being raped and tortured and her parents are tortured in the presence of such a huge judiciary, bureaucracy, police, democratic institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Azhar Ali and people like him are criminals and they are hiding behind and using Islam.  They are the real enemies of your religion Islam.  You have to protect your Islam from your internal enemies who are the real enemies of Islam and they are the real enemies of Islam.

Also do not allow extremist mullahs to come near you and your children who are telling you that by converting a non-Muslim to Islam your seat in heaven will be confirmed.  Quraan says best among you are those who have best ethics and one only goes to heaven on the basis of his deeds and ethics and not by converting someone to Islam.  So every one of us must pay attention to becoming good human beings to people around us and improving our ethics and deeds instead of converting others to our religion.

May God always protect your daughter from beasts like Azhar Ali.  I pray to God that daughters of none of you ever faces the crisis that Arzoo Raja and her family is going through.  God bless you and your children.


Yunis Khushi

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