Foreign Affairs Minister of Finland launches challenge for Freedom of Zafar Bhatti


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) Mika Niikko, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Parliament of Finland has written to Riaz Fatyana, Chair of the Standing Committee on Law and Justice, National Assembly of Pakistan in regards to the verdict to apply a death sentence to Zafar Bhatti, Pakistan’s longest serving blasphemy victim.

Despite any evidence other than a forced confession under a brutal police interrogation.  Every other physical an forensic evidence indicates Zafar Bhatti is innocent.  Pakistan law adheres to the same ideals as English law requiring criminal cases to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.  But this case from the outset has been doubtful and the judgement by Rawal Pindi Courts seems seeped in Islamic bias or corruption.Finland and the EU Parliament have both condemned the death sentence and said that they are concerned whether the sentence is justified and fair after Zafar has already spent 10 years in an isolated jail.The letter from MP Mika Nikko has questioned the Pakistani government on whether the country allows the implementation of the death penalty even if evidence is debatable.  In his letter he wrote:

“Here in Europe, there is no contrast between different religions or people in our justice system.

“We treat people equally because it’s the right thing to do in the eyes of God and of a human.

“As you know, we have many Muslims here, in Europe.

“We are working to build tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

“We intervene if Muslims are oppressed,..”

The letter also highlighted that Finland and the EU (European Union) are following the human rights situation in Pakistan.

“Violations against human rights and religious freedom cannot be tolerated anywhere,…” 

Mr Nikko’s letter also reminded Pakistan’s government that there has been EU funding to support projects for development in Pakistan.  Stating that therefore Pakistan should work together with the EU to promote justice and advance human rights globally. Mr Nikko pulled no punches when he wrote:

“I believe that our common interest as leaders in our countries is to build peace inside of our societies and between all ethnic and religious groups.

We as leaders know that hatred will not lead to a good outcome.

If I have understood correctly, there is a freedom of religion mentioned in your constitution?,” 

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for British Asian Christian association, said:

“We have thanked MP Mika Nikko for his strong and challenging words.

“It is great to see the European Union pulling their weight to to seek freedom for Zafar Bhatti.

“We need more western nations to stand up for Nawab and Zafar however, and we call for supporters of this couple to ask their politicians to follow suit.

“God calls on Christians to be advocates and activists for justice and peace and we must all fulfil that calling.”

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