Bomb survivor Aleeza had a successful implementation of a new limb for 2023.


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry. And Juliet Chowdhry) We are happy to announce that she has now had the new leg cast and it was fitted on 19th February 2023.  Aleeza and is displaying great mobility again and we share a video below.  We thank all donors that contributed to this work, which has allowed us to keep our promise to this family to cover costs for these prosthetic legs till Aleeza reaches adulthood.

Aleeza  had to travel around 700 Km from Quetta to Karachi on  with her sister Isha (18 yrs) and father Ashiq Masih (52 yrs). This expensive and long journey was financed thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Ashiq Masih father of Aleeza, said:

“I am grateful to you [BACA donors] for helping me through all these years.

“We could never have been able to afford a prosthetic limb for my daughter twice a year on my meagre salary.

I work as a sweeper at a college but you have paid for top-class treatment for my daughter- I am humbled by your generosity.

“Aleeza is growing well mentally and physically.

“She loves playing with her friends and is often playing teacher with them, She would never of had such confidence without your help.

“Thanks to her prosthetic limb, she is a very active child – we have shared many videos with you and hope it brings you joy.

“God has blessed her with outstanding educational performance, she always does well in her exams.

“We believe that God has a special purpose for her life – we thank God for his mercy.”

Aleeza Masih(6 yrs) was 1.5 years when she survived the brutal terrorist attack on a church in Quetta on 17th December 2017 (click here).

The attack on Bethel Memorial Methodist Church during a nativity service, killed 9 people. The attack would have been more devastating had it not been for the bravery of volunteer Christian security officers (click here).

Aleeza Masih lost her left leg (from knee downwards) and bowels after a large piece of shrapnel embedded itself into her limb.

She was initially treated at a public hospital where medical staff failed to clean the wound properly and life-threatening gangrene set in.

BACA stepped in, took Aleeza Masih to a private hospital in Karachi where she went through a second operation, 

In a recent End of Year school exam Aleeza, came third overall in her year group with a score of 99%. For her Christian father who is an illiterate sweeper this result has been overwhelming.

Aleeza is going through a pronounced period of growth and now requires a new limb every 6 months. Prolonged use of an incorrectly-sized-limb can cause swelling and inflammation and pain for Aleeza and we maintain her appeal in order to obtain a re-sized limb in June.  You can donate towards our appeal (here)

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said:

“Helping Aleeza and watching her videos has given all of us at BACA endless pleasure.

“She is an energetic, confident and charming child.

“Her educational prowess is a wonderful outcome of the care and attention of her parents and our donors.

“Both parents are illiterate so her remarkable achievements are testament to God’s covering over her life.

“We will be looking into possibilities to enhance her educational experience to give Aleeza the best chance for a decent education and a successful career.

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