Yes, please take a look at Islam

By : Ken Li

Dear Editor, I could agree no more with Sophie Ally that Christians should stop talking about Islam and really read Quran and look at the life of Muhammad for them. I don't know about him, but I can only believe in a prophet who doesn't kill. Yes, I have read the Quran and some parts of the Sunnah. So what? For Mr. Sophie's information, please shrug off the idea that everyone who reads the Quran must be shedding tears like Kaliph Umar. Yes, when I read the Quran I cried, but I cried because I was proud to be a Christian and part of the Gospel. I am proud to have this friend, father, brother, prophet called Jesus of Nazareth who taught me about love, justice and absolute sacrifice for the poor, oppressed and underprivileged. We Christians are sick and tired of listening to 'they-don't-understand-what-Islam-is-all-about' comments just because we made really critical remarks that you have to come face to face. If you all can be so critical towards everything Christianity, then why be afraid of people tearing your doctrine apart? These things must be two-way traffic. If you are honest enough, some parts of the Quran actually advocate violence and un forgiveness towards Kufrs (yes, your favorite term). Please don't challenge me to quote, as I am more than willing to do so. Just look at the world. Please tell me of ONE religion, the Muslims have not fought with. Right across from China to Indonesia, from India to America, there bound to be some disturbance and violence involving the Muslims. And while you harp on racial discrimination by the West, just how just and fair the Muslims are towards non-Muslims in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Sudan and in other Muslim countries? Do I need to remind Mr. Sophie about the discriminating education system, broadcasting restrictions, issue of conversion, taxation, bias economic opportunities and heaps of other shameful problems infamously created by these governments? Just by what kind of 'God' you have proclaimed to be these works come from? Jesus says,' If you mean yes, say 'yes', what ever more comes from the devil'. Let us face it; we are sick and tired of living in a world, where Muslims have no understanding and respect at all about other religion. All this talk about 'understanding Islam' after September 11 is futile if it is expected only the non-Muslims to understand Islam, and not vice versa. Remember, a stringent and high level of intellectualism I don't think Mr. Sophie has faced in his entire life safeguards Christian doctrine. Please, just because there are no heaps of praises for Muhammad and his killings that does not mean we don't understand Islam. Yes, I agree with Mr. Sophie that all Christians should read the Quran. For those who read them, pray hard to God to give you wisdom. Many parts of the Quran, especially in Surah Mariam and Joseph, there are many sections, which seemed to be directed towards the refutation of the doctrine of Trinity in Christianity. This is rather peculiar for a 'Gospel' which is reported 'coming directly from Heaven' -it lacks the characteristic and connotation of universalism (for believers or non believers) found in other religious books. For some Christians when you all have reached a terrifying juncture where the divinity of Christ is heavily questioned. Then ask yourself this question: Why do I need think God as something so big? I have read the Quran, and I have enjoyed it, thank you. Now tell me, when is Mr. Sophie and his entire 1.3 billion brothers are willing to read the Bible, Tao Te Ching, Baghavad Gita and Diamond Sutra? Ken Li

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