Article about "Gujarat Genocide" By Sri

By : Sri

Dear editor, It Made very interesting reading. This is the first time that the so called "Hindutva experiment" is succeeding. Hindus have ever been tolerant Uninformed defensive creatures and for the very first time a rabid Aggression, an inhuman tragedy in Gujarat has been unleashed against Innocent Muslims. But, something like this was inevitable. How long can you see Population ratios being changed by non-Hindu religions? How long can Hindus see their taxes go for supporting so called Minorities (Hajj, Quotas). Entire northeast India is changed to Christianity (15% in 1950 To 85% now). South India population has changed from 80% Hindu to an Equal distribution of Hindus, Christian and Muslims. Illiteracy of Hindus Is being seen by the Vatican and Muslim organizations for fertile Breeding grounds for conversion. Population of Muslims has gone from 11% To 20% as a whole in the country and proportionally the fraction of Extremist Muslims. Would Muslims in Pakistan have allowed something like this to happen to them? The Congress allowed this earlier in India and now BJP is reaping the fruits as middle class Hindus are asserting their disgust. How did Assam Bodos and Naga terrorists come about? Converted Christians Attacking original residents (or aborigines as the Christian Missionaries) call them. Then come the Jihadi elements with their AK47's. Have u seen Hindu RSS and Bajrang Dal killing indiscriminately With the so-called funds from abroad? I don't think that your Organizations realize the difference between reactive defense (of Hindus) and proactive offense against all other people (Muslim terrorists). Try Comparing them on the basis of the numbers killed. Keep Gujarat out. Because take it from me that even without VHP or "State sponsored" help, people there were so incensed by the Godhra incident a carnage was in the Making. What the Hindus have lacked till now is a constantly blaring publicity and Information machine to back a mature opinion to their own and to the World. But this was before Gujarat. When a group of techies like me Living in the United States get together, soon even this would be Alleviated. Then lets find out how your revered organizations carry out their misinformation and try to save our souls from ourselves.. Regards Sri

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