No Future Without Forgiveness.... By Swaali

By : Swaali

(The title is borrowed from Archbishop Tutu's personal memoir of chairing the Commission which became as much a spiritual as a judicial process of the undertaking). I am grieved over the deaths and injuries of my brethren in Chianwala, Daska, Pakistan. It could have been me or you if we were singing Christmas hymns there with them that evening. What is it that they or the Pakistani Christian community did to provoke this wrath? Innocent people are chosen for sacrifice as a means for the furtherance of a political cause. It was the same in the recent tragedy in Gujrat, India. Does Islam justify this? Does Hinduism justify this? I doubt if either does. This is one aspect of modern politics which proves the saying that absence of religions from politics degenerates the latter into barbarism. The principles of just war are completely disregarded. On same day, the Pakistani Christian community, all 15 millions of them, are alleged to have gone hopping made because of what a certain bishop did not say during the annual Christmas television broadcast. The bishop said, ".. the truth is that Lord Jesus Christ was born ( date has no significance) 2000 years ago. He was arrested by the Jewish clergy . Tried and was crucified. He died on Cross for the sins of all mankind. He was buried and rose from the dead on third day. The Quranic reference given by Mullana Sahib is not our faith." It won't be wrong to describe it as a concise and brilliant summary of an integral part of historical Christian faith. So what is the crime? The email does not make it clear. So an assumption is made, subject to correction, that the Mullana Sahib was throwing in the traditional Muslim objections to which the bishop could have easily given back traditional Christian answers, which would have bagged a victory for the Pakistani Christian community. Instead he chose to give an all-embracing reply, " The Quranic reference given by Mullana Sahib is not part of our faith". This was just right for the occasion. In fact it's a kind of reminiscent of some classical examples in the Bible. Only one is cited here as a reminder to the readers' "Give back to Caesar that is Caesar's and to God that is God's". (Mat 22.21). Our true fight is not against the principalities of this world but against our own flesh and blood. True confidence and self-assurance comes from the quality of one's faith. Without it, the rest are only pain killers. Problems still remain after their effect wears off. Seeking revenge is losers' battle, but seeking forgiveness is for the winners. Swaali

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