My response to one propaganda letter against me: Nazir S Bhatti


I regret for late reply to one propaganda letter circulated against me by one of our respectable educationists from Karachi. (I am not presenting that letter because same is circulated by E-Mails to thousands)

I was preparing memorandum for submission to Secretary General of United Nations to grant refugee status to oppressed Pakistani Christian nation which caused delay to respond to my readers of Pakistan Christian Post. I was surprised to read that letter which was clear index of denial to facts because all actions on different political and social issues initiated by Martyr Bishop John Joseph were put in bag of Shahbaz Bhatti who never led any protest against inclusion of religion column in national identity card nor he was arrested during any campaign against discriminatory laws. Can any one present media report or FIR registered against him in any police station of Pakistan? Is there any evidence that Shahbaz Bhatti filed any lawsuit in any Higher Court of Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws? Did he raise voice against blasphemy law on floor of house or being federal minister announced to repeal such discriminatory laws? There is complete silence on major issues by Shahbaz Bhatti and Pakistan Peoples Party government!!! There are many press conferences and seminars in five star hotels of Lahore and Islamabad in lot of Shahbaz Bhatti where he made statements to ensure justice and equal democratic rights for poor Christians. Did any participant or my brother who wrote me letter, ever enquired from Shahbaz Bhatti that who is funding such expensive functions? These questions are still un-answered and need clarifications!!! It is also argued that Shahbaz Bhatti have compelled government to increase reserved seats for minorities in Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies but it is still an announcement without any notification while no one knows weather Muslim feudal lords of PPP and PML shall endorse such addition. If they do such legislation it will benefit Muslim political parties to select Christian and Hindus of their own choice to impose on minorities. Why so? It is also interesting part of ill-fated oppressed Christian nation that their so called leaders like Shahbaz Bhatti demanded Joint Electorate, the system which enables Muslim group to select Christian representation for assemblies and snatches rights to elect their leaders by their votes. There is roar of Quota system also among some Christians but keep close eye and believe when first Christian student enters in medical college or engineering college in Pakistan or gets job in grade sixteen. This quota system announcement is not achievement of Shahbaz Bhatti also because PML announced it in Punjab province first than federal government. I doubt that writer of letter is not based in Karachi or have very little knowledge about Christian socio-political struggle. I spare him because he is an educationist and might have never dared to participate in any social action of Christians of Sindh. It is also draw back of Pakistani Christian nation that those who become successful in any class of life start drawing distance from poor community and it can be character of my letter writer for which I shall excuse him. I never wrote about my struggle for Christian nation nor I tried to tell my friends here but still any one can read about me in my book “Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation” which is available as E-Book on Website of Pakistan Christian Post and Pakistan Christian Congress. But, I must convey a message to all my friends that Christian settled abroad are performing precious services by raising voice for oppressed and persecuted Pakistani Christian. The busy and hard life style of Western society have forced many to forget their own families but those who dare to protest and express concern for their nation in Pakistan must not be under-estimated or doubted by any self styled critic or supporter of any Muslim political group. I cannot forget feeling of satisfaction after reading news items of protest procession on blasphemy laws by British Pakistan Christians. Sometimes, I expected more quick actions on incidents of victimization of Christians by Western Pakistani Christians but after exile I admit that they did tremendous service. I am proud to be a worker of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC because it never bargained on principals. PCC was only political party from Sindh to protest against inclusion of religion column in national identity card at Regal Chowk Karachi when 32 PCC activists were arrested and locked up in Preedy Police Station. The PCC filed lawsuit to repeal blasphemy laws in Lahore High Court and staged numerous hunger strikes against discriminatory laws. PCC filed lawsuit in Lahore High Court to make public the report of tribunal constituted to investigate incident of Shanti Nagar. PCC filed lawsuit in Federal Shariat Court Islamabad to review judgment-awarding death sentence on blasphemy laws. The proceedings of all these lawsuits were published in Pakistani news media and can be verified by archives. No one can forget, February 13, 1998, when Christian youth protested to condemn attack on Shanti Nagar by Muslim mob jammed Karachi. It is on record that one Christian was martyred and 9 injured by police firing while tear gas shells near Sindh Governor House injured hundreds. The Karachi police arrested 1000 Christians but later released 700 hundred teenagers and charged 382 under creating law and order situation. I was leading that procession and 21 FIR were registered against me under section 302, 301, 224, 148, 146, 144, 298, 295 B and others. I am declared absconder in all these cases in session courts of Karachi, which can be verified. I always thought myself in exile and all my interviews with reputed international media are as “Christian in Exile” which can be viewed on web. I commissioned Pakistan Christian Post PCP to raise voice for my poor oppressed Christian nation and build bridge among true Christian groups in Pakistan. I have confirm believe that Christian unity is ultimate solution to our problems and Muslim political parties want to keep us slaves and planning to curb our voice. Ask Shahbaz Bhatti to press upon government of Pakistan to withdraw politically motivated charges of treason, murder and blasphemy against me and I will be in Pakistan next morning. My friends arranged a meeting with Ex-Premier Shaukat Aziz in New York in winter of 2007, that government may drop cases against me also like Asif Zardari and Benazir Bhutto to pave way for me to enter in Pakistan again but same turned in argument before many ministers, Pakistani newspaper editors and Muslim delegates of USA on my demand of “Dual Voting” right for Christians. I came to USA to deliver lecture in UNO on celebrations of Human Right Day Declaration in 1995. After my speech, Pakistan Mission delegates who threatened and confronted with me but still I decided to go back and contested elections. I was in USA to deliver lecture in Harvard University Boston on “Islamic laws and Minorities in Pakistan” but I went back home. I left Pakistan on suggestion of my friends when IB attempted to pick me up to lock at any disclosed place without any charges for un-limited time when I was expecting Artillery Median, Saddar Police Station and Gora Qabristan Police Station officials to arrest me where all political motivated cases were registered against me on leading procession. I have written many articles about Shahbaz Bhatti but I never discussed his personnel life. I appeal every one to criticize any ones political moves against poor Pakistani Christian Nation but not personnel life. The Pakistan Christian Post is for Christian leaders and every Christian shall be covered in PCP. Again, I openly declare that I am in Exile and want to comeback to start movement with my people for equal rights in Pakistan.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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