Hector Aleem arrested under blasphemy


Rawalpindi: January 27, 2009. (PCP) A Christian human rights activist named Hector Aleem resident of Islamabad, has been arrested suspiciously, in a Blasphemy case in Rawalpindi.

Hector is running an organization to promote peace in society named as Peace Worldwide. On 21st January 2009, about 50 policemen trespassed Hector’s house at midnight. They tortured Hector, his wife and daughters and looted money, gold ornaments and mobile sets etc. Police arrested Aleem and took him to the police station. Later his family came to know he is implicated in a Blasphemy case. Mr. Sohail Johnson Chief Coordinator Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan & CLAAS team members named Mr. Joseph Francis National Director, Ms. Katharine Kramat and Ms. Roma reached the place and met with Hector’s family. They also met with investigation officer and some other authorities to support Hector in this tense situation. According to the facts collected by Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan and CLAAS team members, a case has been registered vide First Information Report (FIR) No. 767, offence under section 295, 25-D Telegraph Act with police station R-A Bazar Rawalpindi. Case is registered on application submitted by member of Muslim organization Sunee-Tehreek. According to the complainant, on November 28, 2008, he received a SMS (text message) with derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad on his mobile phone. Translation of FIR Police investigated the communication of mobile phone numbers it revealed it the sender of SMS phoned to Hector Aleem on the same day. The sender also made phone call to some other persons. Police’s high-handedness On 21st January 2009, at 12:30am, about 50 policemen raided Hector Aleem’s house. They trespassed and tortured ruthlessly all the family members including wife and daughters of Aleem. They looted valuable households like gold ornaments, mobile phones and cash. Policemen also arrested Hector Aleem and took him to the police station. At that time family was totally unaware why police is doing so and what the reason of Aleem’s arrest is. Next morning wife of Hector Aleem named Kauser submitted an application to Federal Minister for Human Rights against local police. The investigation officer (I.O) named Zafar told that police has gotten Hector’s physical remand from the court for five days. Team met with Hector in police custody. Statement of Hector Aleem “My name is Hector Aleem son of Yaqoob Masih, I am 50 years old. I am running an organization named PEACE WORLDWIDE, to promote peace and social harmony in society. On 21st January 2009 at midnight, number of policemen entered my house breaking door and climbing boundary walls. They started beating and my family members. They abused me in very filthy words. They also tortured my wife and daughters. We were sleeping in our house when police came, we were unaware why police was doing so. There is a picture of Jesus Christ in my room, a policeman insulted the picture and said is this Hector’s picture. They took our valuables and took me to the police station. I was only in trouser. I could not wear my shoes when they took me to the police station. I remained hungry for 24 hours in police station and afterwards police offered me a piece of bread. Afterwards they produced me before Superintendent of police. In police station I came to know that I have been implicated in a Blasphemy case.” SLMP and CLAAS team also visited Hectors house. His family is much tense. They are worried about Hector’s life. Team saw that doors of some rooms were broken. Hector’s daughter told that police broke the door and entered the rooms. Team met with some legal associates in Islamabad and conferred about the release of Hector Aleem. An associate advocate told that there is not provision in law that a local can be complainant of Blasphemy case. Law says that no Blasphemy case can be registered without permission of Magistrate and only higher police officer can be complainant of a blasphemy case. But unfortunately, in our country there is lawlessness. Police becomes under pressure of Muslim groups and registered the case unlawfully. He said that he is satisfied that case is very weak against Hector and he would be released very soon. Mr. Joseph Francis approached Secretary Federal Minister named Khush Dil Khan in Islamabad to get some favor for Hector. It is expected that with the influence of Secretary of Minister Police will release Hector on conditions to produce him on the date of hearing. We are trying to win the situation with negotiation as Hector is innocent in the case; he just received a call from un-identified number. He has no connection with any blasphemous act or with the caller Translation of application submitted by Hector’s wife t is also another fact that Hector did nothing wrong which shows he has committed blasphemy. The Minister assured team for full-fledged cooperation if he finds Hector innocent, but he also said that he will take strict action if he finds him guilty. Federal Ministry for Human Rights has taken action against responsible police officer. A letter has been issued from Ministry to higher police official to investigate the mater and take necessary action against the police. It is pertinent to mention here that police is intended to arrest a woman as well, in this case. SLMP & CLAAS condemn intolerable act of Rawalpindi police. We condemn humiliation of Hector Aleem and urge international community to help Hector in this case as he is innocent. It is an alarming threat to other NGO’s from Muslim fundamental groups as they have implicated a head of NGO who was working on Peace and Social Harmony. The way police tortured Hector and a member of Suni Tehreek implicated a NGO’s head is not a trivial incident. It is an open threat, if it can be happened in Capital city of Pakistan; it can be happened easily in every area. Newspapers have been reported the incident, some papers wrote against Hector Aleem whereas some wrote against Police

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