Widows and Orphan Girls Celebrate the Women’s Day with Milap Organization Pakistan


Lahore : March 09, 2009. (Margaret Piara reports for PCP) : “I got married and I had 3 daughters only and no son. For that reason my mother-in-law said that I am not good for them”. These were the words of Mrs. Jamila Nasir

during the program organized by Milap Organization on the 8th March at St. John’s Church, Mianmir Colony, Lahore Cantt. She continued, “My mother-in-law said that they will get their son married once again. I had to come back to my parent’s home with my 3 small daughters.” Mrs. Jamila Nasir enthusiastically said, “I was determined to get my daughters highly educated and now one of my daughters is working in the bank, and two are professors”. Mr. Nasir re-married and had five daughters again from the other wife. He started taking drugs and he died recently. Now the mother –in-law is coming to the 3 grand daughters but they don’t accept her as their grand mother. She ended sadly, “ Its really sad to note what harm a woman could do to another woman”. Mrs. Martha Sadiq, the Gen. Sectary of Milap Org. said, “I am a widow of I boy and two girls. When my husband died my children were studying not only that but they were too young. So I had little education but I made use of that and started giving tuition to the little children of the locality. I didn’t sit and stop there that life has been ended there”. Mrs. Martha told the 45 widows, orphans and other women and girls that now her eldest daughter is teaching in a regular school and her son is the assistant manager on the subway in the city while the youngest daughter is still studying.. She stressed that the girls’ education is very important for their better future. Mrs. Nasreen Pervaz said, “My husband is taking drugs. I just do the domestic job of cleaning and washing. I am the one who earns and I am the one who gets good beating from my husband as well. Sometime I feel like leaving the husband and just go away but then I think of my five kids what will they do without me”. She lamented that the life of the woman of yesterday is not much different form today. She said she does not know when the life of a woman will be changed and she could enjoy the respect of a real human being. Mrs. Shazia Lazarous was the chair person of this program. She said that we should thank the Lord that at least this day is celebrated World wide. Where we could see that this day is giving us a bit of importance. Even though that only the woman has this privilege to be a mother, daughter, sister. But still in some places in the World the mother, daughter and sister is just on . A school teacher, Sonia Sadiq said, “I am an orphan. My father died when I was very young at age. I have 1 brother and another sister. After the death of my father we had gone through lots of hardships but thank God we didn’t leave the education aside but we kept going. We had to bear a lot of problems from neighbors as well who would criticize why do we wear good clothes and make up. But I would say that if you start to generate money and then the family will have no problem”. Mrs. Shazia Lazar the wife of the local church of Pakistan Pastor was the chair person of this program. She said, “We should thank the Lord that at least this day is celebrated World wide.. Where we could see that this day is giving us a bit of importance. Even though that only the woman has this privilege to be a mother, daughter, sister. But still in some places in the World the mother, daughter and sister is not given proper respect and honour”. Milap director Margaret Piara said, “ Why do we have to celebrate this day once a year. We should have it everyday celebration. I would say that every woman should be educated now a days. The Government should have the education of a woman compulsory till matriculation at least, plus some skill. I would say that if a woman is educated the whole nation is educated but if a man is educated he will rotate his education only within a small number of people. So if the woman in the family takes any sort of step to do something the family should support otherwise she won’t be able to achieve her goal. So let not the man made mentality rule us at all the time. Once again I would say that education is important part in women life. The Milap Organization is working for widows, orphans and disabled from February, 2004. It conducts regular programs on Easter and Christmas when the eatables are distributed and the disabled are helped with the tricycles with the local funds. It has also helped the poor sick people in medicines and running three sewing centers for the poor women and girls. It also conducts awareness programs on international days. Pastor Hadayat Lazar said the opening and last prayers.

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