Canadian Pakistani Christian Diaspora express “No Confidence” on Federal Minority Minister of Pakistan


Toronto, Canada: May 11, 2009. (PCP) Mr. Aftab Rana, a community leader organized a meeting on May 9, 2009, in Toronto to defuse tension among Canadian Pakistani Christians on forthcoming venue in honor of Shahbaz Bhatti,

Federal Minority Minster in Pakistani government dated May 17, 2009. The said gathering turned disputed on statement by minority minister in Pakistani media that “Christians are enjoying equal rights in Pakistan” which was termed as denial to facts by thousands of Canadian Pakistani Christians. Mr. Aftab Rana invited the organizers of reception of minority minister and protesting Christians for clarifications of comments and chalk out united agenda. The opportunity of Teleconference was also managed that Pakistani Christians around the globe may participate in reconciliation meeting. A large number of Christians gathered in Toronto on May 9, 2009, while organizations from UK and Pakistan expressed their views via Teleconference. Mr. Aftab Rana issued following press release for media which PCP is publishing without editing: Dear Friends, I would like to thank all the local community members and members of overseas organizations who participated in this important community meeting to discuss the current situation of minorities in Pakistan, and on the negative role of selected Minority Minister under the government of PPP. This meeting was called with a true spirit to defuse the differences between the community and International Christian Voice (ICV) because of Minister of Minority’s false statement on equal rights, voting in favor of Sharia Laws and his continuous ignorance toward community's day to day issues/incidents. The ICV was invited to defend their dubious leadership, but regretfully they refused to show up in the meeting, further jeopardizing their role and efforts towards the well being of Pakistani Christian community. This ignorance of ICV has raised many questions and the community has seen the true face of ICV, not different from Minister of Minority, who is ignoring minorities in Pakistan. It is very clear now that this organization has no involvement with human rights issues based on persecution and has become a government puppet failing to protect the minorities. The organizations from UK and Pakistan were contacted via teleconference and shared the plight of minorities and lack of support of government of Pakistan and in particular a Christian Minority Minister. It has been observed that members of the community in Pakistan and abroad has no confidence over the role being played by the Minority Minister as he is not responding the calls of the oppressed and suffering minorities while in need. In keeping with the views shared by the majority of the participants as well as the representatives of the overseas organizations it has been concluded that the Minister and his organizations based locally and in Pakistan has no respect and interest in the welfare of the minorities. It is my humble request to local organizations to please come forward to unite the community. It has been noticed that some of the self made leaders have ignored the community by shaking hands individually with government officials of both Pakistan and Canada without confidence of the community. It is my request to stop corner political meetings and speak out for the truth and stop making jokes on the oppressed and suffering community. At the end, I would like to emphasis that without unity it is impossible to achieve the goals, just think and follow other communities around, through unity they are achieving and becoming more successful in raising their voices. As being neutral body, I have tried my best and it is up to community members to decide the next step. Thank you and God bless, Aftab Rana, According to sources it was revealed to PCP that Pakistani Christian Diaspora will write to Canadian government to cancel official visit of Federal Minority Minister to Canada.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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