Hindus in Sindh are opposing Quota of 5% and replacement of Minister for Minorities


Karachi: May 30, 2009. (PCP exclusive report) As we informed our readers that Sindh will not implement 5% Quota on opposition by Hindus on May 29, 2009, the PCP presents full report here today.

Karachi: May 30, 2009. (PCP exclusive report) As we informed our readers that Sindh will not implement 5% Quota on opposition by Hindus on May 29, 2009, the PCP presents full report here today. We told our readers that when PM Gillani was announcing to expand quota of 5% to all four provinces of Pakistan, the Hindu leaders were pressing on PPP government to provide chance to Hindu MNA to be a Federal Minority Minister and not 5% quota for minorities in Sindh province. Sindh is only province where Hindu dominate Christian in terms of population and influence in government. In districts of Umer Kot and Tharparkar, the Hindus are in such number that they can defeat Muslims in elections on seats of provincial assembly or national assembly. The Hindu are third number in population of Pakistan but they are not spread in other parts of Pakistan except Sindh. According to 2008 elections voter list, Hindus were about 13 lacks, 13, 00, 000 voters in Sindh province while in NWFP, Baluchistan and Punjab were in hundreds. In national general elections of 1971, when PPP was led by late ZA Bhutto and secured landslide victory in West Pakistan, one Hindu Rana Chander Singh defeated PPP candidate from Umer Kot. The Hindus in Sindh are practicing same race traditions like India. There are Hindu feudal lords and businessmen class while majority of lower cast Hindus is treated as Dalits. The Hindus of Sindh always opposed Separate Electorate and Quota system for minorities in Pakistan because it damaged their influence in government and opportunity of employment for Hindu youth. In Sindh province, there is quota in admission in medical colleges, engineering colleges and universities for Urban and Rural areas. As most of Hindus live in interior Sindh which is taken as Rural area, the Hindu students can seek admission in professional institutions when they fail on merit. The Hindus had double chances for their youth under Rural and Urban domicile quota instead to limit in 5% quota. There was an other obstacle of Separate Electorate for Hindus which was highly praised by Christians, a dominating population in Pakistani minorities. The Hindu influence in Pakistan Peoples Party which was founded in Sindh can be viewed by election of Dr. Mall, a Hindu from Sindh to secure membership of Senate of Pakistan on general seats of PPP while Christians were waiting for Quota in seats of Senate of Pakistan. To remove obstacle of Separate Electorate and secure rights in other provinces of Pakistan, the Hindu Think Tank decided to use Shahbaz Bhatti and Clergy in Pakistan. They urged low profile un-experienced Christian leader Shahbaz Bhatti and clergy to demand Joint Electorate in 1998. The APMA was formed and Hindu Think Tank set their meetings with President Musharrf who abolished Separate Electorate and imposed Joint Electorate. The PPP government rewarded Shahbaz Bhatti with Federal Ministry of Minority Affairs but now strong Hindu lobby in PPP is pressing on President Asif Zardari to remove Shahbaz Bhatti from ministry and give chance to any Hindu MNA from PPP. The Hindus can use 5% quota to secure jobs in NWFP, Baluchistan and Punjab where they have presence in less than hundred and Sindh government have assured them to defy 5% quota implementation. There will be Hindu as Minister for Minority Affairs soon and so-called leaders like Shahbaz Bhatti who stabbed in back of Christians for vested interests shall go behind curtain for ever.

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