The Pakistani Christians are more generous and honest with Pakistan than other nations and religions in Pakistan. By Watson Gill


Lets have a look on the Pakistan’s history from beginning of Pakistan those people or political and religious parties got honored who were again the idea of a separate state.

In 1947 Jamayet-e-Islami has been the first Muslim religious party that has rejected the idea of Pakistan. Mr. Maudodi and his party were against the idea of separate state of Pakistan. They criticized all the leaders of Muslim League for asking for a separate state Pakistan (They got respect,Honor, Dignity). JUI's involvement in the Khilafat Movement brought them close to the Indian National Congress a link that is existent to this day. Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind opposed the creation of a separate Muslim state of Pakistan. Some members left the party on this issue and created JUI that supported the concept of Pakistan.(They got respect,Honor, Dignity) The Politicians also played there rule to distroy or denial of the Pakistan . Mr.Syed Ghlam Murtaza Shah or G.M.Syed a Sindhi Nationalist ,leftist, revolutionary leader. In his early political career he was a strong vocal supporter of the Pakistan in Sindh and was said to be one of the driving forces in making sure the Sind Assembly voted to join Pakistan in 1947. In 1971, disappointed with the national politics of Pakistan. GM Syed began to demand self determination for the people of Sindh. On 8 June 1972 he gathered his collequies and formed a political party named 'Jeay Sindh Mahaz' Which is aimed at establishing an independent/autonomous Sindhi state ('Sindhu Desh'). For his political views after the creation of Pakistan, he has been kept either in jail-or in solitary confinement for the period of more than 30 years. (They got respect,Honor, Dignity) Mr. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan .Ghaffar Khan forged a close, spiritual, and uninhibited friendship with Mahatma Gandhi the pioneer of non-violent mass civil disobedience in India. Both of them had a deep admiration towards each other and worked together closely till 1947. Ghaffar Khan strongly opposed the Partition of India. While some Pashtuns (particularly the Red Shirts) were willing to work with Indian politicians, many Pashtuns were sympathetic to the idea of a separate homeland for Indian Muslims following the departure of the British. Targeted with being Anti-Muslim, Ghaffar was attacked by fellow Muslims in 1946, leading to his hospitalization in Peshawar. He opposed the 1947 partition of the subcontinent and criticized the British decision to break up India They got respect,Honor, Dignity) Mr.Khan Abdul Wali Khan. Wali Khan struggled for most of his life with the twin legacies of his influential father Ghaffar Khan and the perception of his "Anti-Pakistani activities". As the result, he has been criticized for backing separatist ideals as well as causing social unrest in Pakistan. His critics blamed him for alienation of Pashtuns from the rest of Pakistan and for supporting anti-Pakistani forces. (They got respect,Honor, Dignity) Mr.Nawab Akbar Shahbaz Khan Bugti ,Bizenjo, Abro, Marri, Magsi, Talpur, Rind ,Mengal ,Jam , Jamali's These Baloch Families ruled on Balochistan from 40years .They were master of black-n-white of Belochistan. Also balochi was on highlly positons like Prime Minister, Army chief and former Governer of Balochistan Musa Khan ,Gen,Abdul Qadir Baloch , C.J Iftekhar M.Chaudhry, Ali Ahmad Kurd President Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association and many more. The developmint of Balochistan was in there hands. But they did nothing for there provnce and people. And now they are trying mangling Pakistan . (They got respect,Honor, Dignity) Bhutto, Yahya Khan. Gen. Niazi were responsible for Pakistan in two pieces . (They got respect,Honor, Dignity) Gen. Zia-ul-haq gave heroin, Kalashinkov and Taliban to Pakistan .these element put so meant trouble in Pakistan 'Maulana Azam Tariq Shaheed was a Mard-e-Momin and Mard-e-Haqq. He was a ferociuos Mard Mujahid" Said Sunni People. Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion in 1979 and during the Civil war that followed. Since the early 1980s, Approximately 3 million Afghan refugees were settled in Pakistan. Pakistani Muslims called them "Muslim Brother" (They got respect,Honor, Dignity) Now they hate Pakistan and pakistani's Pakistani Christian are ignored from I972 when Prime minister Z.A. Bhutto nationalized Christian education institutions. The general literacy rate was 18% in 1955 witch has climb to 58% in 2008. Early 60's and 70's in bureacracy ,civil society,establishment The Christian were on high ranked positions. 80% of academic insitution were under the control of Christian community. But in the present situation gradually the level of qualification is going down. Now the nation most love to Pakistan facing ignorance ,discriamination ,terror ,abhorrence ,disappointment from there neighbors, own country fellow's . With the Conspircy against Christian the doors are closed in every field.. They are oppressively low grad jobs. Pakistani Christian love their country. They pray for their country. They never involve in any wicked business against Pakistan.They are most peaceful community in Pakistan . We celebrate independence Day of Pakistan where ever they are. In Nederland we celebrate a magnificence Independence Day of Pakistan in 1998 and 1999 in A.Z.C (Asylum Secker's Center) at least 700 resident from 65 nationality were in that center. But the Pakistan was the only country which we all celebrate Independence Day. Even we Pakistani were on number7 or 8 in majority. The residence council got all funds from A.Z.C administration. And I was the chairman of that council in 1998 and 1999 .One day the director asked me "Watson you Pakistanis are against Pakistan. Why you celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan" I replied No! We are not against Pakistan but against the system. We are against the Government policies . But we love to Pakistan. But we never get any respect, honor, and dignity in Pakistan.

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