Christian Human Right Activist goes in hiding after life threats in Pakistan


ahore, Pakistan: June 27, 2009. (PCP reports) The accusation of blasphemy, gang rape of Christian girls, attacks on Christians and episode of threats have risen after Shahbaz Bhatti

was risen to be a Federal Minister For Minorities in government of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP in Pakistan. The Pastors, laymen, Human right activists, women, elders and youth feel unsecured under present administration of Pakistan. Read this e-Mail to a prominent Christian Human right activists by a Muslim “ You all “M” “F” ...... if you are real men come forward .... you bastards you make websites against Islam.... but ALHAMDULLILAH see still the highest conversion rate in west is to ISLAM........ ALLAH is SOVEREIGN ALLAH IS GREAT..... LAAAILAHAA: The Remot Host of this e-Mail was identified as : The sender also printed his name as Ghulam Nabi” The Christian Human right activist reported this e-Mail and SMS threats to area Police but no action was taken against culprits and he was forced to fled from his home and home town. The Christian activists (The name not printing due to security reasons) was born in Lahore in 1974 and secured post graduate degree in Computer Science. He started one Christian Human Right Organization and launched its Website which was not appreciated by his Muslim friends and local Muslims. The Christian victim e-Mailed Pakistan Christian Post “I started new Christian organization Named United Christian Organization i.e. This organization was founded with only one thing in mind that we will provide some practical solution for the Christian of Pakistan as described in Mr. Nasir S. Bhatti in his book Trials of Pakistani Christian Nation. I belong to Lahore one of the big cities of Pakistan. I completed my first ten years in Christian school i.e. Cathedral School # 2 at 4 Church Road, Lahore, Pakistan. I had lot of Muslims friends. I always felt that we are not belong to Pakistan as it is only for Muslims because they made it and call it the Fort of Islam. No doubt for the long time I was engaged in for developing my self and to support my family. I always want to help my Christian brothers and sister . No doubt we have lot of organization in Pakistan who are trying there best to raise Christian up but I believe that we need a revolution like in India they made Kerala a most educated state in India. So we need to educate them, provide some jobs opportunities in Pakistan” The fleeing Christian activists wrote more “Most of our Christians are uneducated and choices for them are sanitary work and to be involved in illegal liquor sale. As they know even after getting education they won’t get a good job most of them stay away from school and those who want had only choices to Muslims school. They are always humiliated for being Christian. There are Christian schools but they are expensive and even less to fulfill the need” He started the organization in Feb 2009, to bring a new revolution of education among Christians but right now, he got trapped in Muslims blasphemy. He wrote to PCP “I got lot of threats for being murdered from Muslims over my mobile phone. I and my brother manage to escape from Pakistan but still I am getting threats over my emails. I & my family consists of three brother, my wife and my son are in great danger. I have emailed hundred and thousands of persons out there but very less response. Most of them assuming that it is spam email, I have to return next month back to Pakistan but the condition is very bad they will capture me on the airport as my name is in the news papers. I am astonished to know that they are using my organization name and distributing anti-Islam material with my name. It is the same story they always do with non-Muslim. I request you to show this story so that people can know real truth about me. “Things are getting worse and I believe that call for help to my Christian brothers and sister out there would result me getting out of this situation and I can continue my mission to help my fellow Christian brothers and sisters” he wrote United Christian Organization: He explains I always have an idea to help my poor and those who are suffering specially in Pakistan as I suffered a lot while my stay in Pakistan before going to Dubai as a Christian. And this is the time when I decided to start UCO with my brother keeping in mind these verses from the bible Mathew: 6:33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. I stopped thinking about business and worldly things and decided to devote my self totally for this organization. We started the job by sponsoring a local church with the help of Mr. Younas a God fearing pastor. We were collecting data of the local persons their needs and solution to their problems. As deeply I studied the Christian problems and met local Christian I became more firm on the need of organization. There are lots of Christian organizations working in Pakistan but only coming out of our houses and protests would not help any of them. The benefit only goes to leader of the protest who could be elected in next election. I have vision to make a canann in Egypt. Making Christian 100% educated and providing them jobs from our own factories to get them out of their only choices i.e. sanitary work or illegal liquor sell. For more information you may visit my Site i.e. He tells reason of Dispute As we were collecting data about this concern, my idea came into the knowledge of some Muslims as well. Muslims who never admit that Christians are in problem in Pakistan, according to them we are enjoying the ideal freedom in Pakistan. Only one who says anything against Islam is in problem. So I got some calls from unknown numbers about my organization and they demand that I should stop spreading hate against Muslims and Islam. There was no hate I was spreading I just want Christian to realize and united for their betterment. There was no action against any Muslim or Islam but still they were insisting to stop my practice otherwise me and my family would be in great danger as I could be entrapped in blasphemy law for my activities. They want us to live a slave’s life in Pakistan. These threats didn’t make my decision weak at all. I am not afraid to die but I want scarifies my self for some reason not like this. Only afraid I have in my heart is for my family otherwise I would jump into the fire smiling. What is future of Christians in Pakistan? The Federal Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti is hiding behind bunkers and working on agenda of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP government which is under influence of Hindus of Sindh. PCP sources revealed that there are hundreds of true Christian civil society activist under threat of Muslim extremist groups while laymen activists under umbrella of Catholic Church and Church of Pakistan are enjoying protection of PPP government. Do government have planned to end true voice of Christian and protection of its tools? PCP is receiving hundreds of mails of Christians under threats by Muslims extremists in Pakistan and their demands to invite attention of International community.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,