Bishop Ijaz Inayat on New Year’s Resolutions 2010 for Christians in Pakistan


Karachi: December 31, 2009. (PCP) In a message Bishop Ijaz Inayat, wishes Happy New Year to Christians in Pakistan and adding

“Assuming that we are all Christians the beginning of the “New Year” is an indication that another year has gone by and we are still alive. This is calculation of time given to each one of us” PCP presents contents of message by Honourable Bishop Ijaz Inayat for readers as: Need to know each one of us has a task to accomplish within the time given. To live, work for earning, raising children and die is a life cycle which would end one day. Towards the end of the year I raised a very vital question, “Define need, greed and wishes in relationship with the Lord which further leads us to revisit our relationship with the Lord and people around us who are God’s people and our own. Most of us have been living for ourselves and our families which are good to a certain extent, but there are duties and responsibilities beyond that. Most of the world does not feel accountable beyond a limit of their own choice. There are three main areas which need our immediate attention from accountability point of view. 1. Personal and family life. 2. Spiritual life. 3. Social life. This does not limit to the nearest/immediate society around us. Remember God is giver of all things life, time and resources. Trusting this we are accountable to the Lord for all three of them because we are stewards. Also remember time and life if gone never come back and we cannot buy these with any wealth of the world. There are three accountability courts we have to face at all times. 1. The court of our own conscious where we are answerable for all we do no matter we know it or not. An alive conscious is the lamp of the Lord. There fore learn every thing about our role in all walks of life from the Word of God, from wise persons and the law. 2. The second court we always face is that of the society around us. Since the world is a global village, now we have/or must get knowledge about the geo-political and economic issues which directly effect mankind. There are forces which exploit conditions for benefits. These forces include Governments, alliances, lobbies (even with in churches) which abuse for the sake of power and resources, underground groups who try to benefit from all places against merit and so on. Over eating, remain relaxed as a bystander where you voice could bring about a change are such vital poisons we often don’t consider. We have a role towards all these concerns. Thinking our selves responsible and acting accordingly will defiantly change the world into a better place and our own lives. We cannot neglect the duties towards other even if we are living in a much settled and developed part of the world. 3. The third and most high is the Court of our Lord. That is where our thoughts, word and deeds are evaluated on daily basis, while we also will be facing the last Day of Judgment. My personal assessment is that if every person feels accountable in all the three daily courts, we may have a bright future for all people living in the world specially the suffering world of Christians in Pakistan. The resolution for this New Year for many would be to allow Jesus to take the driving seat in our lives, taking Him as our role model and master who was suffering at the hunger and sickness of the people around Him and wanted to heal the mankind as a whole, spiritually and physically. Wishing you all with a blessed "New Year" with Jesus in the driving seat for the rest of the lives. New Year celebrations started a few moments ago in Sydney.

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