Mockery with Minority in Democracy. Bishop Nasir.


CNI. Gujranwala. August 3. Rt. Rev. Major. (Retired) Timotheus Nasir, Presbyterian Bishop of Pakistan, said in statement on the recent constitutional amendments that the government of Pakistan has announced "Reserved Seats" for Minorities in forthco

In January 2002 the minority community was deprived the right of electing their own representatives. Now the minorities have been given representation in National and Provincial Assemblies. How the minorities will get the representation is the strangest thing one can ever imagine. First we will vote for Muslim majority (No minority candidate can be elected at least from Christian minority under Joint Electorate System). Then the elected Muslim members of national and provincial assemblies will elect minority members. Thus blocking any dependable Christian or minority representation at national and provincial level. It must be remembered that after declaration of Joint Electorate System in January 2002, all Christian Political Parties were deactivated and dissolved. The party leaders joined political parties that suited them. This has blocked the political education for the minority community in Pakistan and now we are at the mercy of few hundred Muslim MNAs and MPAs for gaining our basic right to elect our own representation. It was rather a surprise to know that the first person to praise this decision was a "Bishop" who was very active to get Separate Electorate System abolished. This is an unfortunate situation for the Christian minority of Pakistan that "Politicized Theocracy" of Pakistan has taken away their identity and has made them "most humble subjects" of Pakistan rather than "citizens" of Pakistan. I call it "Mockery with Minority in Democracy" as the government has made it very complicated by giving right to Muslim majority to choose representatives for minorities especially Christian minority. We must vote for Muslim majority and in return the elected Muslim majority will elect or select "our" representatives. This twist and turns for minority community is understandable. The government of Pakistan does not want "US" to make our own choice. Minority members thus elected by the majority member will not be answerable to their community for the minority community will have no roll to play in their election or selection (what ever you call it). In this scenario there is no use for minorities to cast their vote that can not enable them to use it according to their own will. We have seen in 1964 Basic Democracy Elections, 1970 and 1977 general elections that resulted in "sad demise" of political carrier of minorities especially Christian Minority. Now when the government of Pakistan on demand of Christian Theocracy "dismantled the political infrastructure" of Christian community, we are being handed over to Muslim majority like beggars. This is most unfair situation for Pakistani Christians. Electing our own representatives was our "right" that has been denied. The "Reserved Seats" is a "privilege" which we decline to take. If we are as good citizens of Pakistan as Muslims than we should be given our "right" to choose our own representatives. We denounce Muslim majority imposing upon us our representatives. I wonder, how long we shall live on privileges in absence of our "rights"????

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