Muslim extremists attempt to burn alive a Christian Youth in Pakistan


Lahore: April 11, 2015. (PCP) Radical Islamists riding a motorbike stopped a Christian youth and after confirming that he is Christian started beating him and then threw kerosene oil on him

and burnt him in broad day light in Lahore which is capital city of Punjab. This sad incident of attempt to burn a Christian youth alive happened on April 10, 2015, in same city where twin suicide bombing killed 20 Christian worshipers and injured more than 80 in attack on two churches on March 15, 2015. The angry Christian mob caught two suspected terrorists who were firing on Church gate when suicide bomber was also firing to enter in St. John’s Church Youhanabad to reach where Sunday Services were in progress to make maximum causalities; The police stood silent when Christian mob was beating suspected terrorists or facilitators of twin suicide bombers: The suspected terrorists were threatening Christian mob to kill them and to make more attacks on Churches on which mob burnt them. The suspected terrorists were declared innocent by Punjab government and cases were registered against unknown Christian on lynching two Muslims; The Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif visited home of on suspected terrorist Mohammad Naeem and assured his family of justice; The Interior Minister of Pakistan Chowdhry Nisar Ali also raised issue of burning alive of two Muslims by Christian mob on floor of House and vowed to ensure justice. Within days, Lahore Police raided every house of Youhanabad and rounded more than 400 Christian youth by breaking doors of Christian homes or climbing boundary walls in middle of night. Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC raised a question in a statement that where is Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Minister of government of Pakistan Chowdhry Nisar Ali when two extremists Muslims have burnt a 14 years old Christian Youth named Nouman Masih in broad daylight and he is in critical condition in hospital with 80% burns? “The Punjab government machinery goes on heels even suspected terrorists are lynched by Christian mob but silent on burning of 14 years Christian Youth Nouman” said Nazir Bhatti PCC Chief said that burning alive any human being is a heinous crime weather victim is a Muslim or a Christian or a Ahmadi Muslim or a Hindu but to adopt different standards on belief of any victim is also a crime against humanity which government of Punjab is committing on not ensuring justice towards Christians who are burnt alive by Muslim mobs. Meanwhile The Voice Society have released a detailed report on burning of Christian Youth Nouman Masih; which adds that It is a pity that Pakistan has now came to such a stage where people are deciding the fate of others in accordance to their own made laws mainly religiously and secondly socially. Nouman is a Christian boy aged about 14 years who used to work at a Tailor’s shop; the tailor is named as Munir Masih. His father Rafaqat Masih died about 4 years ago and mother re-married, therefore his paternal Uncle Nadeem Masih brought up Nouman and Saba (Nouman’s sister aged about 21 years). That after the incidence of Youhanaabad’s lynching a general hatred against Christians is developed against Christians Strongly; the hatred was here even before the incident of Youhanaabad and is evident from many incidents of persecution against Christians in the past. But this incidence of Youhanaabad gave Majority people a vision and a justifiable way to hate Christians. Nouman has also become the Victim of the same hatred and revenge. Now we assume that it is just a beginning, many worst incidences with worst effects are coming ahead against Christians as a result of this hatred. The Voice’s Fact Finding: The Voice team comprised of Adv. Aneeqa Maria, Mr. Shahid Anthony, Mr. Napolean Qayyum , Mr. Imran Barkat and Mr. Imran Zafar reached Meo Hospital at about 7:00pm in the evening upon the news about the incidence through a source. When the Voice team reached the hospital the team met Nouman’s paternal Aunt and asked her about the incidence. She told the Voice team that Nouman is 14 years old and have no parents therefore me and my husband Nadeem are his parents. We Inquired about Nouman’s present condition, but she told that the doctors and the Medical staff are restraining them from entering the place where they have kept Nouman. She also said that I doubt that they will threaten Nouman and will compel him to change his statement. She said further, that, “Nouman can recognize the culprits and can also help in making the sketch if required as he knew the persons. After a short while the Medical staff in the presence of Doctor and other medical staff brought Nouman out of the emergency theatre in a stable condition. Nouman was able to speak that time. The Doctor (name cannot be revealed) told the Coordinator of the Voice society that the patient i.e. Nouman Masih is burnt up to 55% which is a serious burn in our terms. Therefore please pray to God that along with the medication he have mercy on him. He further told that there is no internal burning or injury occurred to Nouman. The Voice team than met the SP. Mr. Iqbal, who came to see Nouman along with the police and he ordered the police constables on the security of the patient and he also recorded the Nouman’s statement for the sake of registration of the case, he also told that Chief Minister Mr. Shahbaz Shaif has took notice upon the incidence. Nouman’s Statement: Nouman told The Voice team and the Police officials that he was coming from the Tailor’s shop when it was the time to Friday prayers of the Muslims and also Mine half time. “I was going to overlock the shirts when two people stopped me, while Muslims were going to their mosques and asked me whether I was from which religion. I told them that I am Christian. They started beating me when I tried running the both boys started following me through the street and then they threw Kerosene oil on me and burnt me. I kept on running when a heap of Sand came on my way, I lied down on the sand whereas few people from the community named Patras and Sadiq Masih turned off fire by putting sand on me. I became unconscious and they called 1122 Emergency medical helpline and called an ambulance”. I don’t know them but I had an Intuition that somebody will try to kill me and I told this to my family as well as to my Master Tailor but everybody just kept on saying that nothing will happen to me. The Voice’s Contribution: The Voice team met the SP, and the Medical officer and asked them about the upcoming circumstances. The Medical officer said that things are in good control and the poor boy is out of danger. We have expertise in the burn management they will take good care of Nouman. Whereas SP said that all the family of Nouman will come under the investigation process and we will finalise the investigation soon in a positive case/ notes. The Voice team helped the family in all matters of hospital and assured the family that the justice will be done. The Voice then went to the police station along with the paternal uncle of Nouman who is the Complainant of the FIR as well. When the team reached the police station it was about 2:00am. The Voice got the FIR registered under sections 324/34 PPC under the FIR No: 308/15 against the unknown people upon the statement of Nouman Masih. The Voice will deal with all the legal matters of the case, the Voice will join the investigation long with the complainant and help and assist them legally until the Culprits apply for the legal action. The Voice has taken up this case and will support the family and the children legally, morally and financially in all aspects.

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