Pastor Bernard schnee invites more cooperation from local activists in Fidmission success reports on Toba Tek religious and social mission.


California. October 27. Pastor Bernard of Fidmission USA in a latter to PCP have stressed upon local religious, social and other community workers in Punjab province of Pakistan to join hand in their mission work in Toba Tek which is in operation fo

Our primary goal was (and still is) for the people to understand that even though they were born as either men or women, they were born again as Christians by accepting Christ into their lives. As a matter of facts, we have seen instant healing taking place as well as immediate salvation for the multitude though different crusades. As anyone can imagine leading the flock is a difficult task that needs perseverance and hard work. 6 months ago, we were able to open a school in Toba Tek. Precisely an English, social and Biblical program. It is my report to you that the actual results of the school are tremendous. I have received many testimonies on how the students responded to the need of English education as a second language. All of them are now above average even though we have 3 distinctive groups such as beginners, intermediate and advanced. Through the reports of the teachers and the leaders, all of the students are able to keep up with the conversation. Our goal is to open a public school and to build a hospital in the community and to be of assistance to rebuild the houses of those who have been persecuted. He issued this report from the Fidmission head office today as; Public School program: In Toba Tek, more than 80% of the population is illiterate according to the survey I have received. The rate of poverty is as much as the percentage of illiteracy. Since we opened the school, many people come every day asking us for help in education. We are very aware that many children have been removed from other schools because of the financial impossibility for the families to afford such basic education. I believe in these people, I firmly believe that they deserve to be part of a schooling program that will help them to have better jobs, therefore, better lives. But this program is not only meant for the children; I want to set up an evening schooling program for the parents as well. Christian Women Education for women is a must. I have received too many reports regarding the maltreatment of women. In Toba Tek, we have a group of 30 women o are gathering together once a week to discuss their problems and to receive the Word through the Biblical messages I send to them regularly. We also have a bigger group in Lahore and we are developing this program of support groups in other areas such as Qadirabad and others. Our goal is to invite women to schooling programs and to discuss with the Christian community how we could create better jobs than the ones they are actually doing. Our vision is for the schooling program to become a Christian university. Hospital. The necessity of a hospital in the community is actually an emergency. Even though our doctors are coming regularly to the mission, we cannot respond to severe health problems. After some extensive research and negotiations with different companies and hospitals in America, we have the possibility to ship some equipment to Toba Tek. Our goal is to start a program called: "on the job training programs" to teach people how to become medical technicians as well as to become nurses. The purpose of our mission is not to change the culture of Pakistan but for men and women to realize that with Jesus, everything is possible and even though it can be difficult while they are enrolled on the school program and/or in the On the job training program, their rewards are at hand. The housing project Over 100 houses have been destroyed in the Toba Tak area and I have prayed intensely, asking for the Lord to guide me in this field. Since the Christian houses were bulldozed, families have been living in the desert or under trees. The lack of hygiene is above any description we could share with you. Water is considered as a luxury as well as basic hygiene products. By the Grace of God, we were able to gather a lot of hygiene products that are ready to be shipped to Pakistan. My instruction to Faras was to give to anyone for I know of other people who desperately need help. I have a report for you that are going to bring joy in your heart. There is an 80 years old lady, a widow, whose house was destroyed because of her strong belief in Jesus. Also, when her husband died, 2 years ago, he had contracted a debt toward his boss, a Muslim, owner of a brick factory. Because of the debt she could not pay back, he picked up her 3 sons and put them to forced labor. On top of it, he was charging this poor woman 20% interest per month. As a result, the total debt was over $800.00 Dollars. I have instructed to meet with the man to tell him to drop the interest. Even though Faras was not convinced, he went and after a short discussion, the man agreed to drop all of the interest on the money the Lady owed. I received the news that the woman was now living under a tree because of extensive weather damages on the tent that was provided to her. Led by the Spirit, I decided to send the principal amount to her. I instructed Faras in a certain way that He was going to talk to the owner of the brick factory with Bible verses. And it came to pass that the man was so moved by the scripture that he gave the money back to the lady, asking her for forgiveness as she forgave him, and begging Faras to use the money to rebuild the house of the old lady and to keep in touch with him to let him know about the progress of the reconstruction. The whole community is now involved in the rebuilding of her house. This praise report is to share with you that so many other persons and families are in need of reconstruction not only for their houses but also the reconstruction of their lives. They all believe that the Lord did not forsake them; they are standing on the Promise and it is now our time to be there for them as HE was there for us. I strongly believe that you will be part of this reconstruction project. The Bible is strong in the matter. These families are considered as widows and it is now for the church to come together in unity to rescue them. As it is written:" And when they have gathered the church together, they gave the report on how God has worked with them and how He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles". Our mission is to show to those who are persecuting our family that there is nothing they can do against God, there is nothing they will be able to do for the Lord has seen the suffering of His people as He saw the suffering of the children of Israel. We are the shepherds of the families and they are the flock. They are able to hear the shepherd and come upon His calling. Therefore let's not allow ourselves to be blind or deaf or to have a dull heart. Because we know of their suffering, realizing the presence and the blessing of the Lord upon them, we cannot ignore it. As it is written in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 25, verse 45, 46:" Then He will answer them saying:" Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to the least of these, you did not do it to Me. And these will go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into eternal life". The needs for the mission. Even though the ministry is paying for the salaries of our teachers, we need help from any source, especially from the Pakistani Christian community. The projects we have are not cheap but I am convinced that unity of the Church is a must. No one can do something by himself but joined efforts are always rewarded. Therefore I am calling for the unity of the church to become partners and to sow regularly into the mission the Lord has given to us. I am asking the church to stay behind us in the rescue of those who have become the target of the deceived. As long as I am invited by communities and/or organizations to speak in conferences and/or churches to bring them the refreshing Word of our Lord Jesus Christ and inviting them to be part of the unity of the church, I will respond to their invitations. In His grip Pastor Bernard Schnee

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