We must become independent. Bishop T. Nasir. PCP Report.


Gujranwala. January 23. Rt. Rev. Bishop Timotheus Nasir of united Presbyterian Church in Pakistan, commenting on letter of Mr. Charles William said that its need of time that Christians of Pakistan should unite and become independent in their decisio

Bishop Nasir said, " I read Mr. Charles William's letter with great interest. To a larger extent, he is right. The problem with Third World Christians is that they have differences among themselves. I do agree that we should help ourselves. We should be united and should not be fighting amongst ourselves. We should not seek assistance of our Christian brothers and sisters in the West. We must become independent. These are beautiful words and we must give it a very realistic and serious thought. We the Pakistan Christians would have been independent if we had helped ourselves". Adding his personal views on this letter Rt. Rev. Said " Yet in my experience and knowledge this theory has no practical value. We will keep our dependency on our Western Christian friends for an indefinite period of time because a very important thing that we have yet to learn is to care and show concern for our own people. Unfortunately our Eastern brothers and sisters tend to say beautiful and wise things once they are blessed in a foreign land" He said that we must remember our poor Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan but our Christians living abroad " forget their own past and people back home" Bishop Nasir said " I have visited various groups from Pakistan and Third World countries in the United States and Europe. There are very few who really care. Most of them even do not remember that there is lot of people living in the same condition in countries like ours and they themselves know the condition that they were in before they left Pakistan. Our fortunate brothers and sisters living abroad become more American than Americans the time they step out of "immigration hall" of the airport. We become "illiterate, ill-mannered, undereducated backward fools. Our friends abroad become wiser than any Pakistani church leader. I have heard from an American Pakistan or a Pakistani American "Pakistanian noo aik chitar sawairay tay aik sham noo paina chaida aay". He stressed upon the contribution and donations of Pakistani Christians living in Western countries to the churches and NGO in Pakistan to work independently. He said that its foremost duty laid on Pakistani Christian living abroad to remember their poor community in Pakistan but" The contribution of our friends living abroad towards our work is miserably negligible. I tell you that I used to send "the Monthly Kalam-e-Haq" to a number of people in United States and Europe, yet no one ever contributed $ 50 once a year for the magazine. I stopped sending the magazine" It's very important to note that this publication was the most prestigious magazines of Christian religion in Pakistan being Late Bishop K L Nasir to be the Editor. The Muslim community was very keen to listen Dr. K L Nasir and Muslim religious media was afraid of Kalam=e Haq as Muslim religious leaders hesitated to comments on views of late Star of Asia K L Nasir. Kalam e Haq was the only Christian magazine from decades to answer the Muslim comments against Christianity in Pakistan, "If our friends who are rightfully fortunate and we are rightfully ignorant, beggars and what not or fighting amongst ourselves or the church leadership that we have keep asking for help from our Western friends, what is the contribution of our own brothers and sisters living in America and Europe? Virtually nothing". Bishop Nasir Said that Pakistani Christians are not in such a financial position to "As far as funding our projects by raising funds from Pakistan, I dare ask my friends, why did they leave Pakistan. What was the reason? The reason is "economical prosperity". There are beyond any doubt more chances of economical prosperity in West than in third World especially for Christian minority. If we had better chances here, we would certainly not ask our Western supporters. And what our Pakistani brothers and sisters have done for Pakistani Christians or church in all these years? Their very presence in West proves that chances here are very little, if there were, most of our Christian brothers and sisters would be back in Pakistan, India, and other Third World countries". Differences among church leadership are in Pakistan but "As far as fighting amongst ourselves, this practice has not ceased even after leaving Pakistan. I have had chance of visiting various Pakistani and Indian churches in United States and I have seen chairs been broken during service. Fight over quantity of food, leadership and control over "CHANDDA". I have seen all this. If we fight here we are justified because we have a reason and the reason is lack of resources, but our friends living abroad are having no such problem. Every one is a "king" or "queen" then what is the fight there about? Please remember, you were not any better while you were here. Writing such beautiful letters is an easy job, living with bitter reality is another and different. I am sorry if I have annoyed my friend Mr.Charles William or other Christian brothers and sisters living abroad, but let us not accuse each other. Things can improve but with mutual help and not criticism".

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