Rev. Mike Harding, Exhorter Minister from Canada tells story of a seminar sabotaged by Canadian Muslims. PCP report.


My name is Rev Mark Harding. I am an Exhorter Minister, which means I am still learning. I Live in Ontario Canada, and as you may know I was charged and found guilty of hating Muslims. I don't, but they made it appear so. The reason I attracted atten

That's RIGHT. I do not have such special privileges as a Minister, nor did my Son's. We could attend their prayer rituals every Friday, and miss class to boot. Class's range from Lunchroom to the Gym, depending on size needed. An Imam is sometimes there but his Participation is encouraged by the Board of Education. I decided to hand out some pamphlets to about 100 homes describing Islam and its teachings and compared Muslims living here to Muslims in countries were Thousands and Thousands of Christians were being tortured, forced into slaver and murder. I am afraid I have been Branded and kept on a chain for a few years by the Canadian Government. Once I had given an interview on a radio call in show in Toronto. The man interviewing me latter said to me, that the Canadian Secret Police took a copy of the show that I did. I am an advocate of peace. IM asking today, 'Is Islam a religion of peace and freedom?' I wonder why I am the one they seem to be watching? This was a question I had asked in Kitcheners Ontario, and invited speakers to come and share at this Christian Conference we were giving. John Macternan from New York was there, he's the one that has written many books His latest Gods final warning to Islam has been a huge success, I have a copy of this book if you would like. The speakers were going to test their liberties in Canada, and speak out on what we all believe to be a violent hateful religion, ... Islam. 24 hours, one day, before we were to proceed, The Hotel in Kitcheners decided that we must pay a 5000.00 security deposit. What is the need for such a measure I asked, Apparently the subject matter was embarrassing to many in the Islamic community and the conference may attract an unsafe situation. Sooooo I MUST PAY FOR THIS security? As a matter of fact, we agreed. We also agreed to sign an agreement to pay for all damages, and, we also were told that we must hire undercover officers. We agreed to all of their commands, what should we do? This was 24 hrs before the conference. People where coming in from all over the USA and Canada. Apparently, however, they (the Hotel Management) had already placed an ad in the local Paper 4 days before the event to let the public know that the event was cancelled. They thought, I believe, that the demands would be too harsh for us to agree to. I believe they thought we would lie down and forget the matter. We had meet their demands and I at least would be there. So I was, the manager however said no the conference was closed. Why the need for such heightened security? Why are they so concerned about damage? This was a Christian event? Turns out, they apparently received dangerous E-mails and threatening phone calls. The Dozen or so Police, were very openly present. The TV cameras and the various reporters had asked me what was next. I told them that we had come to ask if Islam is a religion of peace and Freedom? These actions of terrorism `are the answer we have been given. This is an unacceptable form of freedom of speech I said. These actions of terrorism are very similar to the actions of their Prophet "Muhammad" We are now planning another Conference in Kitcheners once more. Only this time I would like to ask for the help of the USA. I would like to ask for your help, would you come? Can you help us get busloads of Americans to come to Canada? Will you stand with me on the day that we all ask CANADA, ... IS ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE AND FREEDOM TO ALL? Or a cult bent on killing and hatred of all unbelievers in Islam? Rev Mark Harding

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