Bangladesh Human Right Watch concern on barbaric attacks against minorities. By Angela Watkins. PCP Report.


New York. March 14. The Bangladesh human rights watch group based in US, have strongly condemn the heinous barbaric attacks of the political terrorists against the family of religious minority community. This communal attack occurred on March 08, 200

They chopped Tapan Bhattacharji, a Hindu man, to death, wounded his younger brother Swapan Bhattacharji and gang-raped 3 Hindu women over a period of 2 hours. The thugs claimed that they were paid by the rival political leaders to kill them. These Hindu family members have worked against the current ruling party during the last election. Watch Group believes that this is the cruel violation of basic human rights. This inhuman, uncivilized and a big blow to the democratic rights of equal protection irrespective of their religious identity. This unspeakable crime is the major degradation and erosion of humanity and moral and social values of a human society. Such heinous attack of the religious terrorists against the minority Hindu family proved that the religious terrorists with the direct and indirect supports of the current pro-Islamic fundamentalist government are systematically persecuting the minorities. Since this religious fundamentalist government came in power after the last election of October 2001, there has been a continuous international outcry that this government has engaged its thugs and hooligans to systematically eliminate the religious minorities from Bangladesh as the minorities usually caste their votes for the secular candidates. But the present government has been denying of any incident against the minority groups of people although several hundreds of minority people were killed and hundreds of minority women were raped and thousands of them were forced to leave Bangladesh over the last one and half years. Government not only failed to protect the minorities but also miserably failed to take any actions against those perpetrators who killed, raped and evicted the minorities. Government's denials and inactions encouraged the terrorists to continue their ethnic cleansing campaign unabated. The recent cruel attacks against the Hindu family in the district of Bagerhat is one of the thousands of attacks resulted due to the government's denials and inactions and failure to provide adequate protection to the minority groups of people and bring the perpetrators to justice. The BHRW have demanded that. - That the government admit that the minorities are being persecuted and the government has failed to provide adequate protection to the minorities and failed to bring the perpetrators to justice; - The government must set up an impartial and independent judiciary investigation commission with the members from the minority communities and from foreign countries and investigate every single incident where any member of the minority communities were attacked, killed, raped, evicted, beaten, harassed and/or threatened; - The government apprehend the perpetrators of all such attacks and bring them to justice immediately. - The government must assure equal rights and full protection and security to all the religious minority people in Bangladesh; - The government of Bangladesh must provide full compensation and necessary medical and psychological treatments and material supports to the victims' families; and - The government must assure the citizens of Bangladesh that all citizens are equal and will receive equal protection and no communal attacks will be tolerated That Bangladesh human Rights Watch report and concerns signed by the executives of this group Dr. M. Mohsin Ali, Ratan Kumar Barua , Sitangshu Guha , Paul Bala, Mohammed Ali Siddiqui ,Fahim Reza Nur have been directed to: Honorable Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, Bangladesh Honorable Leader of Opposition Sheikh Hasina Foreign Minister Murshed Khan, Bangladesh Home Minister Air Vice Marshall (Rtd) Altaf Hosaain Chowdhury US Department of State, Washington, DC; US Ambassador to Bangladesh European Parliament; Amnesty International; World Organization Against Tortures; UN Commission On Human Rights; UNESCO Human Rights Division.

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