Dr. Gammons shall be awarded by Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala. PCP. Report.


Gujranwala. August 14. Rt. Rev. Bishop T Nasir has announced that Faith Theological Seminary shall award Masters and Doctorate Degrees to Dr. Peter Gammons. In a clarification statement Bishop T. Nasir Said, " In my article "False Prophets on Rampage

In that I mentioned that Dr. Peter Gammons got "fake" Masters and Doctorate degrees from a former rather run away employee of Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala, Pakistan. Earlier when we found out about the "Fake" degrees we did contact Dr. Gammons. He tried to clarify his position and we demanded his work for the degrees he got from our Seminary. Dr. Gammons called the Faith Theological Seminary on 21st March 2003. Not realizing that Dr. Peter Gammons is a busy man, and after waiting for almost three weeks, we thought that he did not fulfill the requirements of the degrees he got from us. That was the time when my article "False Prophets on Rampage" was written. Latter in May 2003 Dr. Peter Gammons sent the copies of his work according to the requirements of the Faith Theological Seminary, we found out that the "work" of Dr. Peter Gammons was in order for both Master and Doctorate degrees but our "runaway" employee Mr. Allah Dadd Shakir fraudulently managed to get his hands on the papers sent by Dr. Gammons and sent "fake degrees" to Dr. Gammons in the name of Faith Theological Seminary were not in order. He signed as President of the Seminary and put rubber stamp under his signatures. The signatures of President Board of Directors were forged, while he stole the "Seal" of the Seminary. Dr. Peter Gammons explained the whole situation in detail. The Seminary Board found all requirements in order and informed him on 3rd June 2003 that his work is satisfactory and that he has fulfilled the requirements of the Seminary. Therefore his Master and Doctorate degrees were restored. The proper degrees have been printed and will be signed on 13th September 2003 in Mid-Year Seminary Board meeting. The same day the degrees will be mailed to Dr. Peter Gammons, with the signatures of authorized Faculty members of faith Theological Seminary. The degrees will be signed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir as the President of the Seminary, Rev. Dr. Salim Akhtar as President of Board of Directors, and Rt. Rev. Dr. Earnest Jacob duly authorized by the Chancellor of the Seminary Dr. Karl Becker. This decision has brought an end to the controversy over the degrees of Dr. Peter Gammons. At the same time we respectfully withdraw all our remarks and statement for Dr. Peter Gammons as written in my article dated 16th April 2003. I personally believe that when the facts are revealed, it is my moral obligation to withdraw my comments and if asked, apologize".

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