International Day of Repentance. Message from Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir.


Gujranwala. CNI. The Church around the world is observing Sunday 9th on November as "International Day of Prayer". On this day as it happens every year the churches will offer their prayers of thankfulness and would seek God's help for a better and p

They will also pray for the "persecuted church" in countries like ours and so many other things according to their needs and desires. This day has been observed yearly since how many years I am not sure, but I remember "International Day of Prayer" being observed when I was a child. Now as I look around, and see what is going on within our churches, I am horrified. We the Christian without any exception have forgotten Lord our God. Today the aim of the church is not to preach and teach the Gospel. We are more concerned for "humanism" than spirituality. The churches are preaching "Human Rights", Interfaith Dialogue" finding ways and means to "compromise" Christian faith with other religions. What we saw in January 2002 at Assisi, where Pope John Paul defiled the church by inviting leaders from every religion to pray to "their gods" together for peace in the world. He forgot that the "Prince of Peace" our Lord Jesus Christ and sought the help of other gods that are not God. Over the years we the Christians have developed the habit of neglecting the "Only True Word of God", The Holy Bible and the commandments of Lord God. We have forgotten the mercy, Grace and Love of Lord God for which He send His only begotten Son Lord Jesus Christ. Who suffered for our sins and gave his life on Cross. We have forgotten that our Lord died for our sins so that we don't face the judgment of God. And finally we have forgotten that He will come again, not to be crucified again but to judge us. Today we are too busy in interpreting the Holy Scripture in a way that suits our own desires and not according to the Will of God. We must look around and see people of other religions. These religion (including Judaism) does not have any concept of "salvation" through Grace. They don't have a Savior, yet they practice their religion more diligently than any Christian. At this time the Muslim world is observing the month of fasting with full religious zeal and favor. Other religions are extremely vigilant against any doctrine or practice that can creep into their faith even the "Truth". On the other hand what we are doing, inviting different "Pagan" ideas" in Christianity and call it "God's Love"? Let us watch the way we have adopted as a "Catholic Church" (Not Roman Catholics). The recent events in Anglican Church and the concern and love of church for unrepented sinners. The very future of Church is at stake and yet we are "just observing" and when I say just observing, I certainly mean that we are not praying to Lord God. We are just observing "A Day" as a tradition and not for forgiveness of our sins. Neither we have any intention to leave our sinful life style nor we will. After the "Day of Prayer" we will forget God till next "Day of Prayer". I have been thinking do we really need to observe an "International Day of Prayer"? No, in this age we need to do some thing else. We need to observe "International Day of repentance". We need to take off our cloths and wear sackcloth, we need to fast and sit on "Ashes". We need "Lamentation" on our present poor state of Spirituality. We need to remember the fate of UN-Godly people whom God destroyed with flood, and the fate of "Sodom and Gomorrah" for which God promised that He will not destroy the city if He could find only "Ten Righteous" people. We need to learn from a heathen nation, the people of "Nineveh" that did not ignore warning of Jonah and the whole city, clothed in sackcloth, sat on ashes and fasted and sought forgiveness of their evil way of life and were saved. We have seen enough days of prayers, now we must start observing Days of Repentance. We are not worthy asking any favor from Lord our God but forgiveness of our deeds and practices that are against the Will of God. We must rid ourselves from our wickedness and sinful way of life for we are so proud that we have stopped caring for the Word of God. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God has and will certainly keep His loyal people and servants from total destruction and they shall prevail. They will live in His presence for ever and ever, but there will be no one left for "Lamentation" on present day church if it does not change its attitude towards Lord of Hosts and our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us observe 9th of November as International Day of Repentance" and seek forgiveness from God. Let us say to Lord our God, Oh God, we have failed to obey your commandments. We did not care for your Word and adopted our own evil and wicked ways. We did not care or accept your Grace through your Son, Lord Jesus Christ, and we did not seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. We are living according to our false wisdom. We have turned our face from you Oh Lord and we have sinned against you and your Holy Word. We are not worthy to lift our face because of our shame that we brought upon us with our pride. We have claimed to be wiser than you in our foolishness and have become backsliders. We have left you Oh God and are running after other gods. Today, and every day Oh Lord God we sit on ashes, clothed in sackcloth and fasting, seek thy mercy. Help us Oh Lord in our iniquities and deliver us from evil. Oh Lord help us to understand your Will. We seek you, and we seek your love and mercy though we are not worthy. Deliver us from Devil's hands and keep us in your loving care. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

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