MQM Chief urged to send Bishop Sadiq to his own people for final decision on Church of Pakistan. Irfan Bhatti.


UK. A Pakistani Christian Leader based in UK have urged upon MQM Chief Altaf Hussian not to support or interfere in the matters of Church of Pakistan when meeting with Bishop Sadiq Daniel as directed in a letter by Archbishop to him. In a Letter to P

"The New Year which ought to have started with new and Christian commitments and notes in the back drop of urge for reconciliation within the Church of Pakistan has sadly started with a threat to the peace of the Church on new fronts. I have been asked to read a news on the website of 'Daily Times' which indicates that the Archbishop has written a letter to the head of MQM a political party of Sindh having its headquarters in London to facilitate Bishop Sadiq Daniel in his quest for the seat of the Bishop of Karachi. I do not know about the integrity of the reporting person Mr. Javed Michael, but I do know that the political figures have their own agendas and it is better to keep them away from the Church. If at all the Archbishop has written such a letter to the head of MQM, then it is he and Sadiq Daniel who are taking the Church too far into the hands of the 'king of this world.' I remember that the two Christian MPA's, Javed Michael and Saleem Khokher used the Governments mussels to stop the consecration of 1st November 1997. They were also some of those who took the matter to the High Court reportedly on the basis of false affidavits. The cases are still pending in the High Court for disposal. I remember that the same Archbishop last year wrote letters to some of the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan where he wrote, "I do not have jurisdiction as Archbishop of Canterbury over the internal affairs of the Church of Pakistan." I wonder how his stance has changed within few months. I thought he would be a person of Christian character. Is it sensible on the part of the Archbishop in this situation to use or abuse his office on the lead of Bishop Malik who now visibly leads the group which has taken control of the Church of Pakistan through unconstitutional and unchristian ways only for one reason that nobody raises questions of accountability for the sale of properties, most of this money went in his pocket. A detailed list of sold properties is being made for general public. A general poll was held by in November 2003 whereby the question was asked, "Do you support Dr. Malik? (Bishop Malik) The over whelming majority of 96% plus rejected Bishop Malik. I wonder how the Archbishop and his advisors do not take into account the consensus of the masses of the Church of Pakistan, which is a democratic body. It is sad and shameful on the part of the Archbishop who should have led the Church unto the way of the Book, but has instead started using worldly tactics for the group of his liking. I feel the head of MQM should be sensible to send Bishop Sadiq to his own people for final decision, which will add to his achievements. I hereby request all believers to pray for the Church of Pakistan so that the Lord should claim it back from the bad stewards. Sincerely Irfan Bhatti Manchester, UK

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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