Truth, even at the Peril of my life. Bishop T. Nasir


On 25th of May I wrote an article on Christian Muslim relationship based on the historic facts. The statistics of Muslim population worldwide varies from one source to another.

According to one source the total population of Muslims in the entire world is claimed to be 1.70 Billion, another source puts it to 1.01 billion and another source counts 1.29 Billion. In North America the total number of Muslims is 6.6 Million. Out of which, 6 million in United States and .6 million or 600,000 in Canada. Total Muslim population of North, Central and South America including small Islands is estimated around 8.4 million. However no one knows the exact number of Muslims worldwide. While making account of Muslims, all those who claim to be Muslims and yet not accepted as Muslims are also included in the total population of Muslims throughout the world. Only in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India there are 750 million Muslims. I am not concerned that the Muslim population is1.70 billion or 1.29 billion. That does not bother me. What I want to bring to the notice of my readers is, how Muslims population, Six Hundred years "younger" than Christians has almost narrowed the "numerical gap" so quickly with Christianity. Is this "gap" narrowed by preaching Islam or there are some other important factors that are being overlooked by so-called Christian world. 1. Role of Islamic Empires in making converts to Islam. When the First Islamic Empire came into existing, there were only two "Supper Powers" in known world. The Persian Empire that had become so weak that it needed only a day's battle to fall. On the other hand Roman Empire was divided and had lost its glory and strength. Before the end of 7th Century AD, all Roman dominated lands in Asia and Africa was over run by fresh Arabian or Muslim armies. This brought the darkest era of Christian history. It is part of Islamic history that when Islamic armies wanted to go for "Jihad" to "a" place, they used to send a three fold message. A) Accept Islam. B) Get prepared for war and C) become subjects of Islamic empire. (Please correct me if I am wrong). This resulted either in total destruction of conquered lands mostly Christian lands. Forced conversions and shameful submission of those who opted to become "subjects" of Islamic empire. I have no hesitation or fear to state that "the sword" of Islam played a major role in forced conversions to Islam. Let us not forget the facts of history and the fact remains that where ever the "Muslim Sword" went, Islam followed soon after. Yet when the "sword" became week, Islam retreated. For instant Spain that was ruled for Eight hundred years by Muslims, after the final defeat at Granada in 1492, Islam was forgotten for centuries. The same happened in Europe after the retreat of Ottoman Empire started. 2. Negligence of European Colonial Powers towards Christianity. Then came the time when so-called Christian world started to gain upper hand over Muslims and by the end of World War I, all Islamic countries were directly or indirectly ruled by European. India that was ruled by Muslims for one thousand years became a British colony. After First World War almost all Arabian Peninsula was under British, French and American domination. India remained the British rule directly and indirectly for almost two hundred years. Yet there was a great "contrast" in "objective" of conquest of Christian lands by the Muslims and the Colonial rule of European countries in various parts of the world. The objectives of Muslims was forcefully or otherwise, establish a Muslim or Islamic state and either forcefully abolish all existing religions in their conquered lands or to give some "controlled" religious freedom. After establishing a strong Islamic state the Muslim preachers were supported by the state to make more conversions and those who were converted to Islam were given special status and high profile jobs and "Estates". Where as the "European Colonial Powers" only kept their national interest in sight. Preaching of Christianity was "criminally" ignored. And in some placed it was banned to begin with. In Sub Continent, Christianity was introduced by American and Europeans. To safe guard the interests of British rule, local but loyal Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs were given special status and estates but Christian converts were ignored to an extent that in 1947 there was only one Sikh Land Lord, Sardar Balwant Singh became Christian and remained Christian well after 1947. His son Elder John Simon who lives in Gujranwala is still respected by his Muslim peasants. The Missionaries with their meager resources collected funds from America and Europe for "Low Cast" Christian converts. The Christian converts, no matter who they were, had to be presented as "Chohrga" Cast so that more funds may be collected. Huge Cathedrals were built for British troops where one can still find "Rifle Rakes" in the "Pews". All these churches or Cathedrals were built in "Cantonments". Had the British rulers given the same status to Christian converts that was given by the Muslims to their converts today the Sub Continent would have been a Christian Continent. This attitude of British Colonial Ruler forced many converts to go back to their "original" faith and today they are bitter adversaries of Christianity in Sub Continent. I am not sure yet I can presume that the same think happened in other parts of the world that was under Colonial Rule. Today all the Muslim Land Lords and Tribal leaders are indebted to British Colonial Rule for their present "High Profile" status granted to them by British rulers of India. This brought a decline in conversion to Christianity and made Islam strong enough to become "Fort of Islam" (Pakistan). We must not forget that the "Patrons" of two major political parties, the All India Congress Party and All India Muslim League were "Englishmen". Yet no Christian Political Party was ever supported by British politicians. This negligence of Christian Colonial Rulers to win people for Christ is sad and bitter part of recent history. 3. Speedy Multiplication of Muslims. Polygamy is not only allowed in Islam, it is encouraged buy Muslim clerics. Net result is more wives, more children and more Muslims. Let us see Osama Bin Laden. He is one of the Fifty Four (54) children from one father and must be four wives. Can any Christian match this phenomenon? Can a Christian produce 54 children from one wife? An average village Christian has Six to Eight children. So what do we understand from this. In a certain period of time the total increase of Muslims is seven times more that Christians. Or let us see an average Muslim Family. Even if a Muslim has one wife, he is taught by his religious leader to have as many children as he can. Allah takes care of every soul that comes into this world. And the matter of the facts is that even Allah does not take care of extra care of a "soul" that ruins the health of his/her mother, no has any complain. On the other hand "birth rate" in Christians of Pakistan is much less than the Muslim. Therefore we can say it with certainty that the "multiplication after multiplication" from one generation to another generation is today's major factor in speedy increase of Muslim population worldwide. What are the ways and means to counter such increase in Muslim population worldwide? The Christian Doctrine "One Man One Wife". The so-called Christian world teaches, less children or no children. Today the Churches are ignoring the fact the "The Institution of Family" is fast disappearing, yet the mainline churches are debating on homosexuality and same sex marriages. The Institution of Family was "Ordained" by God for multiplication of human race. Can homosexuals and same sex couples multiply human race? What is the remedy then? Should the church allow Polygamy? No, this must not be even thought of. The church or the mainline denominations must start preaching on family values and their importance in God's eyes. Start a crash program against "immorality" that is cutting the roots of family tree. It is said that in next fifty to hundred years, Islam will be the biggest religion on earth. So what! Today there are more than six billion individuals on earth. How many are known to be Christians? Almost thirty three percent? How may are real Christians, may be only ten percent. (I mentioned ten percent because "less than ten" righteous people bring wrath of God. Please read Geneses Chapter 19). We must not forget that when the Day of Lord will come, less people will be with our Lord. The multitude will stand with "Serpent" will put the Holy City under "siege". Yet they shall be defeated and put in the lake of fire that has been prepared for Satan, the Beast, the False Prophet and their followers. Righteous people were always in minority and will remain in minority. The majority had always been disobedient to God and will remain as such. I could not care less if Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or Atheists gain numerical supremacy over Christianity, yet the salvation is for Christians and the "hell fire" waits for all those who deny Lord Jesus Christ. Be assured, the Day of Lord is near and all those who believe in Him shall witness the horrible state of all those who deny Christ. May the Lord bless you. Bishop Timotheus Nasir

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