Global Council of Indian Christians condemns imposition of Hasba Bill on minorities in Pakistan.


Banglore. Mr. Sajan K George, National Convenor, Global Council of Indian Christians in open letter To President Parvez Mushraf have expressed grave concern on Hasba bill

and implementation of Islamic Laws on Christian and Hindu Minorities in Pakistan The GCIC have expressed to President of Pakistan that the proposal of Hasba bill and implementation of Islamic Laws on Christian and Hindu Minorities in Pakistan has sent fear of renewed attacks across Pakistan. Among the reasons given in implementation of the bill is to bring more freedom but in effect the proposed bill is aimed at destroying the freedom of Christian and Hindu minorities in Pakistan. The Hasba bill has shocked the world and created dismay among the minorities in the country, such an attempt to destroy the existence of Christian and Hindu Minorities, from whatever quarters, calls for serious notice and visible action from the government to restore confidence in the Constitution, the rule of UN charters and universal declaration of Human Rights. This lukewarm approach to justice has already emboldened communal elements to strike horror against Minorities in Pakistan. The decision of the NWFP (North West Frontier Province) to let off the 13 Muslims involved in the arson of over 200 churches and Hindu Temples is a case in point. It is significant that the attempts to let off the perpetrators of terror crimes and aggressive approach to implement Hasba bill and Islamic laws on Christian and Hindu minorities on the wake of London terror talks volumes of planned and motivated attacks against all non-Muslim institutions and expressions. . It has also become clear from these that there was no fear of consequences in the light of the7/7 terror attacks in London. This is indicative of further rhetoric and jingoism against non-Muslims in the days to come. There has been a rise in the number of attacks on Christians in various parts Pakistan especially after the London terror attacks clearly indicating that the communal elements seem more emboldened now. The talk of Iraq war is in the guise of again aimed at harassing Christian all over the world and to destroy all democratic expressions allowed in the Western world for religious and political gains and to spared Islam with bombs and hate. Ostensibly the reason given for jehadi terror in USA, Spain and UK by Islamic militants trained in your Madrsas is the Iraq and Afghan war. The fact is that the Islamic Jehadis are striking at will on Christians and non-Muslims in Nigeria, Philipines, Chechniya, Kashmir and bleeding most of the African countries like Sudan and Indonesia. This may also be a smokescreen to indulge in forcibly take over economic establishments and to intimidate Christian dominated countries. And to blunt the anti-terror movements aimed at saving the peoples from Jehadis and from the clutches of 'terror petro Dollars' We appeal to your Excellency to stop all anti minority legislations and to persuade the OIC to stop the Goebilian lies, fuelled by the powerful petrodollars, whose objectives are totally malicious.

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