Threats to Yousaf Youhana on conversion to Islam by Christians are baseless and only Muslim Media Campaign. Stephen Bahadur


We condemn the baseless accusations from the print and electronic media of Pakistan that in reaction to Youhana Conversion to Islam the Christian community has threatened him to assassinate. We are the true believers of Jesus Christ who teaches us to give our lives for others not to take others lives, as He gave his life for the salvation of the world including those who crucified Him. Moreover, in third world countries, minorities are free to live, free to earn, free to eat but they are not free to speak and Pakistan is also among the third world countries; Well when we are not dare to express our views, opinions and give our notions about anything how could we threat someone. However we condemn this accusation in this way; If any Muslim Cricketer has converted to Christianity, I think we all can imagine the protest and mishap shall have been done in reaction to that but no serious protest from Christians has been noticed since Youhana conversion to Islam; supporting and appreciating articles has been printing in the newspapers since then but not even a single article has been printed out to put light on the other side of the picture. The decision taken by President Musharaff is easily commented by people that it the America who is dictating him to take such decisions but the crucial decision taken by Yousuf Youhana is easily digested by people. How could a person representing his community in the team with such a religious spirit, all of a sudden come on TV to confirm his conversion to Islam for last three years however during last three year he repeatedly made the sign of cross while entering into the ground, reaching to 50 or 100 markup. What was the truth behind? Actually there is no interest for media to make an effort to pull off the curtain to know the real fact and true story behind the conversion. Let us tell you the gist of the true story which has been ascertained from different news resources that Tablighi Jamat has taken control over the Pakistan Cricket Team and one of the current members of the Team expressed his view in this way that they want to make the cricket team the most religious team of the world. They have achieved their first milestone, as a result of Youhana conversion to Islam. Let see what is more precious to Danish Kaneria (A Hindu Cricket) his career or his faith? Will Tablighi Jamat also convince him to accept Islam? At the end, I, on behalf of entire Christian community wish Mr. Mohammad Yousuf a very best of luck for the rest of his life because from now own whether he would be happy or repentant, he has to be Muslim. These were Christians who tolerated his deceitfulness and disloyalty silently but may be Muslims would not tolerate this in the same way if he dares to come back to Christianity.

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