Bishop T Nasir demands action from President Musharraf against willful desecration of Holy Cross on Football by Sialkot Football Industry to avenge Danish Newspaper cartoons.


12th February 2006 To, The General Pervaiz Musharraf, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ISLAMABAD. Subject:- Desecration of "Holy Cross". With sense of "solidarity" with our Muslim friends all over the world, anger and anguish over the heinous crime of the Western Press on derogatory publication, I deplore and condemn such publication in strongest words, that has hurt the religious feelings of every Muslim in the world. I also believe that "Freedom of Press" does not mean hurting the feelings of over a billion Muslim around the globe. Such freedom must be condemned and controlled by all respective governments. At the same time, I am shocked to see burning of Holy Cross by the Muslim protesters and "trample" and "stampede" of the Holy Cross on the national flag of Denmark. I also condemn the desecration of Holy Cross by burning it by the protestors in Pakistan. At the same time "Sialkot Football Industry" has avenged the Danish news paper crime by deliberately printing the "Holy Cross" on "Patches" of Footballs as shown above. I wish to ask Your Excellency, why are we the Christians living in Pakistan are always punished for the deeds of those people who do not ask us before committing such heinous crimes against Islam. What is the reason of printing the sign of "Holy Cross" on "Foot Balls"? Does the Muslim industrialists wish that an extremely Sacred Sign of Christian World be "kicked around" by Muslims? I say "by Muslims" as now the West has been boycotted by most Islamic countries, these Foot Balls will find market in Muslim countries. Your Excellency, this small "Patch" witch will be "Stitched" on thousands of "Foot Balls" and sold in the local and international market as a revenge of "Blasphemous Images" in Western Press, can not be ignored or tolerated. We hold our religion and Sacred religious signs as Sacred as any Muslim does. To protect the sanctity of the Holy Cross, you would find us ready to be hanged on Crosses physically though we are mentally hanged on Crosses every now and then by our Muslim friends in Pakistan. Sanglla Hill is still burning in our minds. It is therefore very humbly requested Your Excellency, to please take actions against those industrialists who have "willfully Desecrated" the Holy Cross. We wish to remain calm as always, yet a line must be drawn between our patience and the Religious Persecution of Christians in Pakistan by Muslims. Your Excellency, the manufacturing of such footballs with "Sing of Holy Cross" must be banned and the manufacturers must be punished for desecration of the Holy Cross. I thank you in anticipation Your Excellency, Faithfully Your, Bishop Timotheus Nasir

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