Civil Law Suit Against Bishop Timotheus Nasir,


A Proof of Religious Discrimination, Harassment and Hate against Christians in Pakistan. Gujranwala. After failing to deter Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir, finally the self proclaimed Muslim scholar, Illias Sattar who failed to have a

with the Bishop twice in year 2005, he has found refuge in Sindh High Court Karachi. In Summons sent by the Assistant Registrar Sindh High Court Karachi, Bishop Timotheus Nasir has been ordered to appear before the Honorable Court on 11th August 2006 at 9 AM to give an answer of the Civil Suit filed by Mullah Illias Sattar against Bishop Nasir. According to the Summons received, Bishop Nasir is required to pay "Damages/Compensation of Pak Rupees One Hundred Million to Mullah Illias Sattar. (Though no one would buy the Mullah for ten Rupees) Since August 2002 Mullah Illias Sattar, Editor of Monthly Magazine "Saut Ul Islam" is insisting Bishop Nasir to file a court case any where in the world. He even mentioned "Israel" (where neither Illias Sattar or Bishop Nasir can go). In March 2002 he published an article that "Pharaoh" drowned while following the Israelites and latter his body was saved by Allah to be the sign and proof of wrath of Allah. In late Nineteenth Century His body was found and the Mullah claims that this was prophesized by Koran almost Thirteen Hundred years ago. He also boasted that the movie "Ten Commandments" it is shown that "Pharaoh" did not drown is to disprove the prophecy of Koran. In Koran Sura-e-Younas Verses 90 to 92 it is stated, "10:90 "And We made the children of Israel to pass through the sea, then Firon and his hosts followed them for oppression and tyranny; until when drowning overtook him, he said: I believe that there is no god but He in Whom the children of Israel believe and I am of those who submit. 10:91 What! now! and indeed you disobeyed before and you were of the mischief-makers. 10.92 But We will this day deliver you with your body that you may be a sign to those after you, and most surely the majority of the people are heedless to Our communications". In Verse No 92, does not mention that Pharaoh drowned, though it is clearly mentioned that Pharaoh was delivered bodily and alive. The Holy Bible does not mention the "drowning of Pharaoh", it clearly states the destruction of Pharaoh's army. Exodus Chapter 14 Verses 13 to 31 it is very clearly stated that Pharaoh followed the "Israelites" with all his "Chariots" but there is no evidence that Pharaoh himself followed "unarmed Israelites" into the sea. In this passage of Exodus there is no evidence that Pharaoh drowned with his army. Had Pharaoh drowned, the holy Bible would have mentioned that Pharaoh also drowned with his "Hosts". His body was not found by "Israelites or Moses". Pharaoh followed an unarmed host of his former slaves, and he himself did not need to enter the sea. In the Holy Bible there is not a single verse or word on Pharaoh death by drowning in the sea. Yet Mullah Illias Sattar insisted that the Christians then made the movie "Ten Commandments" as they were afraid that the prophecy of Koran as claimed to be made in Sura 10 Verses 92 will be proved right. It is strange that the movie "Ten Commandments" was made in mid twentieth century, sixty years after they found the body or "Mummy" of Pharaoh. Mullah Illias Sattar also wrote in his article (Real Bible and Koran) in brackets. On which Bishop T. Nasir objected very strongly and wrote few lines about twisted story written by the Mullah Illias Sattar. Mullah illias Satar found a life time chance to demonstrate his knowledge, he then started a series of email exchanges with Bishop Nasir. Rest of the story can be read on . Mullah Illias Sattar started cashing his "Islamic Identity" in Pakistan. Bishop Nasir gave most appropriate reply to his objection and criticism on the Holy Bible. When Bishop Nasir asked only four questions from the Mullah on Verses of Koran, complete silence prevailed to this very day he has failed to answer any question by Bishop Nasir. Mullah Illias Sattar announced a reward on Ten Million Rupees for any one who would answer his questions. The questions were, was Pharaoh drowned and did Jesus died a cursed death on Cross. After that the Mullah went into hibernation and deputed his uneducated followers to insult Bishop Nasir. Meanwhile he kept of insulting Christianity through various so-called scholars and they insulted the Holy Bible and specially targeted Saint Paul. To shut the mouth of Mullah Illias Sattar Bishop gave detailed answers to Mullah Illias Sattar and invited him to Gujranwala for a debate on 31st March 2005. He did not show up till 30th April the dead line set by Bishop Nasir. The Mullah demanded a "Bigger Platform" which Bishop Nasir suggested on 30th June 2006 (Details on Urdu page) Bishop Nasir gave a dead line of 31st December 2005 for a "Debate" at Islamabad Convention Center. The Mullah failed again. In January 2006 Bishop Nasir published two articles in the Monthly Kalam-E-haq "Yakam Janwary Tak" (Till First of January) and "Mar Gia Mardood Naa Fatiha Naa Drood" (Accursed Man died ) in Urdu. Yet Mullah Illias Sattar did not say a word as he had nothing to say. All his scholarly claims went down the drain, though some of his followers shamelessly kept insulting Bishop Nasir and Bishop Nasir had to write "Mourning Dead". (This article can still be read on Mullah Illias Sattar again kept silent till May 2006 and then decided to retrieve his honor, which he never had and filed a Civil Suit for Damages/Compensation in Sindh High Court Karachi. According to Bishop Timotheus Nasir, he had got a copy of the Civil Suit filed against him and is prepared even this day to follow the case against him. He declined the services of any Lawyer stating that he himself will take care of the case against him. Bishop Nasir states, I have studied enough law while during my military service and have been even dealing all kind of cases during my service. Yet Bishop Timotheus Nasir expressed his disappointed with the one sided action by the Sindh High Court Karachi which has admitted the Civil Suit against him with out sufficient reason. Bishop Nasir has prepared a "Petition" to be sent to the Honorable Chief justice of Sindh High Court, The Honorable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Federal Minister of Law and Human Rights, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, the Minister of State for Minority Affairs, The Governor of Sindh, the Chief and Vice Chief of Army Staff, all Diplomats of none Muslim countries in Pakistan, indicating the "Harassment, Persecution, Hate and Punishment of Christian Community in Pakistan". Bishop Timotheus Nasir is of the opinion that the Judiciary and the Government must take notice of such "Malicious" activities of so-called third rate Muslim scholars and ensure and provide Justice and protection to Christian community that is suffering because of the Hate of Mslims for Christians in Pakistan. According to Bishop Nasir the very word "Eesai" and "Nasara" are full of hate that exists in the minds of most of the Muslims in Pakistan. We have seen enough hate against us and now the government and Judiciary must stop such hate crimes against us or expel us from Pakistan. He said that I have decided to "Surrender my Nationality" on 11th August 2006 in Sindh High Court Karachi. We pray for Bishop Timotheus Nasir when he goes to Karachi in August 2006 for his safety as Mullah Illias Sattar may have finalize his planes to assassinate Bishop Nasir right in the Court Room. He has already made a threat on the life of Bishop Nasir. We request our readers and friends to pray for Bishop Timotheus Nasir, the only voice that is heard today that snubs the critics of Christianity, the Holy Bible and the Holy Personage of Christianity. Reported by Shahbaz Bhatti, For Christian news International.

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