“Pakistan dangerous for Non-Muslims” Ms Jennifer Chim Pik Yee appeals for justice.


My horrible 2 years experience in Pakistan will give you a warning to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

I, Ms Jennifer Chim Pik Yee a British National Hong Kong business woman, got seriously religion persecution, police violence and murder shooting in Pakistan. For more than two years, I experienced religion persecution from Muslim culprits, policeman, Judge, media and even from Pakistan government. This country is full of persecution against Non-Muslim foreigners. In 2004, criminal Uppals made fraud and cheated about Rs1,000,000/.- from Non-Muslim foreign investors. I made a legal suit against this fraud by Pakistani law in Islamabad Oct.2004, but a series of religion persecutions happened upon me thereafter from kidnapping to murder shooting. All the facts witnessed that Pakistan is a hell to Non-Muslim foreigners and not "a Paradise to foreign investors!" as lied and boasted by its Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in Hong Kong 2005. (Court Documents, Pakistan newspaper can approve it). The persecution against a Non-Muslim British business woman started when Gujranwala police DIG over righted his Jurisdiction illegally to approve the Fabricated Criminal Charges Registration against me without any proof or any investigation and worked together with Gujranwala local judge for "Non-bailable Arrest Warrant". (It can be approved by Pakistan Laws, Islamabad Police Investigation, Islamabad Muslim Bank Record) Gujranwala local Judge seriously violated Laws and collaborated with the police DIG illegally to issue "Non-bailable Arrest Warrant" against me. Why did Gujranwala police DIG and judge intentionally violate laws? They are bribed to support and protect their Muslim brothers to pressurize Non-Muslim woman investor to surrender her legal suit in Islamabad, in which their Muslim brothers are the accused of fraud. They valued the bribery above Honest, Justice, Ethics, Laws, Human Rights and Life Safety of Non-Muslim foreigners in Pakistan. (It can be approved by Pakistan Laws, Lahore High Court Order and Islamabad Criminal Court Order, Lawyer's Legal Analysis). The Gujranwala male police used violence against me and his guilty hands torn my dress wide open in Islamabad where he came to by Uppals' private car. A Muslim man is never allowed to touch a woman by Quran, not to say tear her dress open, but this policeman under Uppals instruction executed this persecution and humiliation in public against a Non-Muslim foreign woman. (It can be approved by Islamabad Police Investigation Report). This Gujranwala policeman even neglected my safety and basic human rights and refused my hospital emergency treatment when I lost the conscious by this illegal kidnapping torture. (It can be approved by Islamabad hospital record) Muslim Uppals took Gujranwala police to Islamabad by his private car to Kidnap the plaintiff of his fraud case. He even used his private car to send his Non-Muslim plaintiff to the prison in Islamabad and even supervised finishing in-jail procedure in prison. This is Pakistan situation that police, judge and even its so called laws are only bribed and manipulated by the criminals like Uppals. Shameful Muhammad, you have such malicious followers in Pakistan. If a Non-Muslim foreigner intends to go to Pakistan, be careful: there are no laws, no justice, no human rights and no safety. (It can be approved by Islamabad Police Investigation Report, Islamabad Woman Police Prison record) In order to protect his Muslim Brothers of fraud crime, Islamabad civil Judge even dared to disobey Lahore High Court Order and intentionally delayed Jennifer legal suit against Uppals. (It can be approved by Court documents). In 2005, I got Uppals murder shooting in Islamabad just before the hearing. Muslim Uppals wanted to kill his Non-Muslim foreign plaintiff for all his purposes. (It can be approved by British High Commission Islamabad, Chinese Embassy Islamabad, Islamabad Police and Lahore Forensic Report) The Muslim journalist who reported police rape case over Pakistani woman Ms Sonia for several months consecutive editions in his newspaper, but he intentionally distorted the facts to mislead audience about a Non-Muslim foreign woman case concerning murder shooting, police violence and religion persecution in Pakistan. He betrayed honest and only wanted to cover his Muslim brothers' ugly crimes in Pakistan. (It can be approved by The News newspaper) Pakistan government quite concerns of striking violence against their "Muslim women" in Pakistan. They held International Conference on Violence against Women and their media repeatedly reported police rape case on Muslim woman Ms Sonia and Ms Mai. General Pervez Musharraf and Minister of Woman Development expressed their anger and determination to fight criminals in public. They even met and gave encouragement to these Muslim victims of violence. (It can be approved by Pakistan newspaper) However, Pakistan President never gives any reply to my appeal to violence against a Non-Muslim foreign woman in his country; the Minister of Woman Develop even asked me to go to Gujranwal and to talk directly with Gujranwala DIG by myself. This is as she asked me "to bargain its fur with a Tiger". This is the different attitude of Pakistan leaders towards Pakistani Muslim woman and Non-Muslim foreign woman in Pakistan. Religion discrimination is definite and religion persecution is absolute. (It can be approved by Minister's letter to Jennifer and Pakistan newspaper) To protect Pakistani Muslim criminals, Pakistan government ignored Non-Muslim foreigner's safety and never made an investigation and reported to British Government as required by formal letter from British High Commission Islamabad concerning murder shooting over British National Jennifer Chim. (It can be approved by British High Commission Islamabad or Pakistan Islamabad Police) To protect Pakistani Muslim criminals, Pakistan government ignored international laws and did not respect British Government and never replied to Formal Notice from British High Commission Islamabad concerning Jennifer police violence and religion persecution. (It can be approved by British High Commission Islamabad or Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs) To protect Pakistani Muslim criminals, Pakistan government ignored international laws and did not respect Chinese Government and never replied to any of two consecutive Formal Notices from Chinese Embassy concerning Hong Kong citizen Jennifer's police violence and religion persecution. (It can be approved by Chinese Embassy Islamabad or Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior) In 2006, to protect Pakistani Muslim criminals, Pakistan government accepted the Non-Muslim persecution in its country and never gives a reply to the justice appeal – An Open Letter to President General Pervez Musharraf delivered to Pakistan Consulate General Hong Kong in Sept.,2006. (It can be approved by Pakistan Consulate General Hong Kong, Hong Kong Government and Hong Kong newspaper) All the facts above mentioned show clearly that Pakistan prevails Non-Muslim foreigners persecution and it is a dangerous place for Non-Muslim tourism, business, investment or any other activities, unless Pakistan government shows its justice by striking Uppals criminals by law immediately and makes sincere apologize to British Government, Chinese Government and especially Ms Jennifer Chim who suffered so much horrible religion persecution for more than two years in Pakistan.

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