Enemy at the Gates. By Indranil Maitra


After reading the heading if u think that I'm going to tell u the story of that great Hollywood film then I'm sorry, but would tell u the real facts & that is even more than any hot filmy script. All of us know that recently (for the last couple of months) a conflict question has arisen in our era. One from an Islamic organization named Hefazat-e-islam and the other one from the shabaag gonojagaran manch. The summary of this conflict is, whether Bangladesh would be a religious state or a secular state. All the political parties & other organizations, intellectuals are stating their point of view but unfortunately its all are antonyms to each other.
Some views are in favor of Islamic thoughts, some are secular & even some views are hypothetic political and biased. I must not discuss about the sacrifices we made to get our freedom and democracy because we already over used these terms through a poor political manner.
At this time we need a true democratic evaluation that wills speak out the final words regarding this conflict question on behalf of the entire nation. But if you are a close watcher of this conflict from the beginning then it would not be so difficult for u to come through a logical conclusion. Very unfortunately our leaders & intellectuals are not addressing the fundamental principle of the political science & by doing this they are making a historical blunder.
We as a nation admire our religious beliefs & know that religion cannot b ignored in Bangladesh. Only just we have to understand the basic difference between a 'state' & a 'country'. Our beloved 'country' ('desh' in bangla language) Bangladesh is a land where all the religions peacefully co-exist & people are proud of their religious culture. Most probably the best land of religious co-existence on this earth.
Now the word 'state' (bangla term 'rastro') has its own significance and properties which I would elaborate. The 'country'(land) Bangladesh was here even two thousand years ago but it as a 'state' was established in 1971 with some ideologies. Similarly Bangladesh as a 'country' is the most non communal peaceful land on the earth but when it is a 'state' it still needs a lot of things to do for its religious & ethnic minorities. So if we establish ourselves as a 'state' or as a nation of this world then it must b secular. The way Britain is a Christian and India is a Hindu country, same way Bangladesh is an Islamic country. Whenever Bangladesh is a 'state' it must abide by the rules of a definition of a modern state according to the inter world political science & system.
A greater contentious among the people and political parties about this particular issue require to build up a true democratic nation which would ensure to protect the rights of its religious minorities. What is happening in Syria or Iraq at this moment, may be a subject of another discussion but a lot of reasons we have to concern. At this moment are very much alarming & a lot of reasons we have to concern.
Last year when a hundred thousand madrassa students gather at the heartland of capital Dhaka (organised by hefajat-e-islam) carrying stick & raising the slogan of 'jihad' then of course not many options left for any secular democratic force.
We have an endless problem particularly poverty in our society, so it’s very tough to face the challenge of 'jihadis' when they are in violent extremist mood in the name of Islam. These 'jihadis' captured the entire Dhaka city & ready to sacrifice (shahid) their lives. It is history now, the role of government of that time. Gov't used law enforcement agencies to take the overall control of it which was later criticized by some human rights organizations.
Usually this type of scenario never occurs in western developed world. So, May b they are not aware of these 'adamkhor' (man eater) jihadis. After that, gov't used new strategy to keep out this fundamentalist Islamic terrorist from the whole national election process which latter was also criticized by some develop western states.
When a terrorist enemy of civilization was knocking your door, when an enemy of secular democracy took position at your gates, a rare option we may find except defeating this 'jihadi' force as we did whatever against bin laden. We have to educate our people through a proper way by telling the truth & let them realize what is a noble job for the nation & what is parallel to enmity to our nation. And above all only a genuine secular democratic socio-economic atmosphere can assure us to lead on behalf of the entire nation.
We don’t want our enemies stay at the gates. We don’t need any experiment at all. We don’t need a di-polarized society. We do not need enemies any more. We don’t want any either or neither. We want only either, only friends & above all greatness of humanity

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