Dr. Stephen Gill, Ansted Poet Laureate, dedicates his poem “LOVE” to the Valentine Day for readers to express their love and passion to whom they “LOVE



I wish to recline

under that canopy


the rough diamonds of your eyes

radiate calmness

and the loitering clouds of your hair

dispel the ghost of despair

from the chamber of mind.

I wish to snuggle

under that shade


your eyes express the unexpressibles

and the magic chant of your gaze

breaks the chains of confusion.

I wish to awake

under that dome


untainted fountains

from the realm of your compassion

pacify unquenchable thirst

and where

dreams open the portals of sleep.


Through the cracks

in the crumbling walls of now

I grab

particles of the dust

from the diamonds of your

shoreless abode

of the fathomless bliss.

More than

the sweet sobbing melodies

the amaze of the amazing abode

of your calm grace

is to me.

Your recollection tiptoes

in the caves of my words


your sobering silence plays

with the lips of my thinking


You are anchored

to the mortal shores.

On the breast

of emotion`s unruffled ocean

you sail.

Amid the frigid draughts

you emerge as a wave

muffling me in the wings

of your care.

You are the ark

placid grace

pride of the rose

vanity of swans

dignity of hills

vision of heaven

loveliness of hope

the crown of aspirations

and the river of vitality.

Your eyes

a seaside retreat

where mystic flames reign

and where

nature courts the night’s favor

for a feast of peace.

As streams

you float on aerial grounds

nourishing the arteries of harmony

with the richness of the warmth

of your unseen presence.

You are

unlike the age

that is distant and aloof.

Out of time’s reach

is your beauty.

You guard

the eyes of the bloom

against glares.

As an infant

I turn to you.


You are the dulcet

that stirs the soul of clouds

melts the mist in the air

pushes down the rain showers

which kiss the earth

in a harmony.

You are the song

that moves beams of the moon

enriches the blood with food.

In creation

you are a balance.

You are the aroma

that runs

in the veins of flowers.

You blossom

a fragrant feast around


the flushed lips of the horizon

liberate the birds who fly above

to receive the ruler retiring

in a strange

stately ceremony.

You are the beat

that echoes

in the breast of the arc.

You muse

in the melody of the falls.

You are manna

a blissful phase

or nirvana.

You help in breaking

the bonds of agony.

You are the thirst

that sages seek in every age.

Your abode

ocean`s every drop

you bind the earth and the sky

and rule to relieve

the rusting monotony.


You are the seed

that sprouts into

the solace in sorrow.

You are the lotus

that emerges from the water

of patience.

You are the softness

that lifts

spirits from the ditches.

You are the creation

whose meaning is perceived

through the glasses

of peace.

You are the goal

whose directions are discovered

by the travellers themselves.

You are the path

that begins from home.

©)Stephen Gill



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