War is not in favor of anyone. By Cynthia Sohail


 Pakistan and India are two neighboring countries of South-Asia. Both the countries share almost same well-off and vast cultural and traditional heritage, which is preserve over past thousands of years. Both the countries leaders splurge day and night in freedom moment to get separate independent state. Both the countries have Punjab Provinces, which forms a major link in the traditional tie up of Indo-Pak Relation. Ancient love stories are like The Sassi-Punnus, Heer Ranjhas, Mirza-Sahibas, the Laila Majnus all are a part of this blessed land. Visit any country of the world, you will find both people of India and Pakistan living peacefully, eating together, enjoying together and helping each other in their daily life. However, Seven decades have been already passed the relations of these two countries have never been normal and are at their lowest level today. The clash of their national interests and unresolved matter like the core issue of Kashmir with Pakistan are the main reasons. No government of Pakistan shall ever forget Kashmir issue and leave it alone. Similarly, no government of India shall ever dare to solve issue of Kashmir with Pakistan.

Tensions raised on February 14 when a suicide car bombing by Pakistan-based armed group, Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM), in Indian-administered Kashmir killed at least 42 Indian paramilitary forces. Which lead Pakistan India relationship in high complexity? The Tension accelerates when India claimed to shot down two Indian fighter jets in answer to the bombing inside Pakistan.

Everyone talks about War in their target areas, several false videos, pictures and messages circulated widely on social media, ignite anger and heightening tension in both countries. Several international leaders expressed hope for a prompt settlement between India and Pakistan. Before the actual war happens the psychological War already going on between both the countries. Political leaders and Citizen from both the countries using different social media tools to show each other down and failed. Although I love, Pakistan and I died for my country but is War the final option we have?  War only leads to bloodshed there are various ways to solve disputes giving each other’s rights, even some meetings can also be held between both leaders of each countries that can anyway lead to a solution because no one gets up until they come up with a solution, on the contrary war leads to only human and Infrastructure destruction.

In contemporary time, Nuclear weapons and missiles are much more destructive and dangerous than that used in past events of human history (World War I and World War II)

So if  war  started no matter which country wins or which will lose, but both countries would face equally destruction , huge human loss specially poor and middle class from both countries suffers a lot  their  economy, army and  money totally goes down and both countries will start again from zero.  It can be already estimated by their GDP rate that both countries are not economically strong, both the countries facing similar problems e.g child abuse, Women Rights Issue, Education and Health issue. More of it their youth are suffering from same unemployment issue. Both the countries act to be stronger but their governance systems and internal issues are far bigger than this current situation. India claim to be the one of the biggest democracy of the world but it always failed to protect the Human rights issues like, dowry issues, child marriage, Education, starving, health and human trafficking issue still making the alarming situation. People already from both sides are facing basic and common problems. Their middle class community is the only class, which helped in lifting up their status. Upholds their economy otherwise both countries have not good reputation in governance upset. Besides that, both nation-states are self-declared nuclear powers. A large-scale conventional war can rise to the nuclear domain, which will have irreparable impact on both nation-states. Although India is stronger than Pakistan in many ways but Pakistan have more Nuclear weapons than India, but that does not means that Pakistan wins the war. Actually nobody win the war in indo-Pakistan case because Pakistan along with India would be destroyed and suffers (If Pakistan is Invaded by India then probably Baluchistan would regain its independence), but India would face huge loss because of war because of their high rate of population.

War definitely unit the nation of Pakistan also units the nation in India. However, if unity is the ultimate goal of then why should not we show unity when a cricket match held against Indian team. Even some people are amused in war, if you want amusements than why should not we show that amusements in cricket matches and other cultural competitions. War means killing and displacement of an innocent civilians and destruction of infrastructure; I do not find War is a wonderful process. Do play the games and show your passion there, as war is not a solution.

Peace is the only way forward regardless that your faith is or what your creed is, Mr. Modi should accept Mr. Khan's invitation for peace talks. It is also important to resolve Kashmir issue to achieve peace for future generation. Kashmiri's are wedged in the middle way even with no faults of their own; they have the right to live in peace and have their own representations in Executive and legislation.  It is important to protect the civilians and infrastructure of both.

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