India living in explosive political vacuum. By Hem Raj Jain


The 2019 Parliamentary election in India has brought the government of PM Modi with almost 2/3 rd majority by his party BJP along with its allies and people may be thinking that now India is on a sure path of peace & prosperity but nothing can be far from truth. Presently India is horribly deficient on three counts namely secularism, welfare State (mixed economy Socialism) and globalization as given below:-

(1)- Even if we leave chronic & gory Kashmir problem which is the worst manifestation of communal Hindu majority India, how much people of India are worried about the communal nature of BJP (a part of Hindutva forces) is vividly expressed in an article by Shobhaa De in ‘Sunday Times of India’ (as given at  ) where she says about declaration of death of secularism in India in PM Modi’s victory speech that “[We were clinging on to our nostalgia — our over-romanticised idea of India — while refusing to accept the cold, hard reality that India had changed irrevocably It wasn’t even India anymore! It had become Hindustan! As Narendra Modi made it a point to repeat when he addressed the nation at the BJP headquarters after his monumental mandate]”.

(2)- How much this victory of communal forces and death of secularism in India is celebrated and justified is reflected in another article in ‘Times of India’ by  Nalin Mehta (as given at  ) where he says that ‘[Modi’s electoral triumph embodies an alternative idea of India: soaked in a hard nationalism and an unapologetic espousal of Hindu identity wrapped within a more efficient welfare state]”.

(3)- But Indians are not realizing that the grand edifice of political power which Hindutva forces / BJP has erected is nothing more than house of cards and will crumble down the day some organization file writ petitions as mentioned at  . This is the biggest danger and the gnawing political vacuum in which Indians are presently living.

(4)- The second politically explosive situation being faced by India is about its massive poverty which is evident from the fact that not only tens of thousands of farmers are still committing suicide every year due to economic / rural distress but the people below and near poverty line of Rs 12,000 per month family income are not 20 % as claimed in NYAY program as mentioned at )  but is whopping over 2/3 rd of the population of India as mentioned at  (Rs 7,500 – 10,000 household income in 2015 taking inflation and GDP growth into consideration equal to Rs 12,000 house hold monthly income  in 2019)

(5)- This huge and pervasive poverty can be removed if Government of India (GOI) recovers Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore  Income Tax (45 % of about 2,200 Trillion illegally shown as agriculture income) as mentioned at . But GOI is not doing it because these  about 1 million tax evaders are politically powerful and Modi Government also (like previous Congress led government) does not have political will & courage to recover this huge revenue of $ ~ 15 trillion. This also is a reflection on demoralized civil society of India (main cause of political vacuum in India) which does not have courage to question the government about this corruption and dereliction about non-recovery of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion Income tax.

(6)- The third politically explosive situation being faced by India is about its inability to engage in international affairs. India does not understand that a country of about ~ 1.35 Billion people (with inadequate natural resources like petroleum oil etc) cannot survive if does not take responsibility of managing global political order especially in this age of globalization. This hard reality has been revealed in case of oil imports (on better terms) from Iran (having Chabahar port too of great importance to India) which USA has asked India not to do due to cancelled nuclear deal between Iran and USA etc which USA cancelled.

(7)- If India wants to avoid such harmful and embarrassing situation in future with other countries too as caused by USA in relation to Iran then India should understand that there are three issues which are the cause of tension between USA & Iran (i)- Iran nuclear deal with USA etc which has been cancelled by USA unilaterally & arbitrarily under pressure mainly from Israel and Saudi Arabia due to alleged nuclearizing activities of Iran (ii)- Palestine problem due to USA immorally supporting mischievous two nation theory being pushed by Israel (iii) Huge bloodshed and loss of lives in NAME region (including Syria, Yemen etc) due to alleged interference by Shia Iran (through its militant proxies) in Sunni majority countries of NAME region . All these three problems can be solved by India as given below.

(i)- The first Iran – US problem can be solved by India by offering its nukes for complete denuclearization. India should demand that the nuclear 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' (WMDs) of all the nuclear powers (5 permanent members of UN and India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea etc) should be handed over to UN authorities for ultimate destruction and UN should ensure that no country is able to develop new nuclear WMDs.

(ii)- The second Iran – US problem can be solved if India demands that the chronic & gory Israel-Palestine problem should be solved by one-State solution for both Jews and Palestinians and not through unjust & mischievous two-State solution as mentioned at 

(iii)- The solution to third Iran – US problem in Syria, Yemen etc in NAME region (where millions of people are bleeding & weeping profusely) is not a rocket science and it can easily be solved by carrying out elections first in Syria under supervision of ‘UN Election Commission’ (UNEC) under secular constitution. India should offer personnel (military and civil in millions whatever needed) for ‘UN Peace Keeping Force’ (UNPKF) and for UNEC in order to ensure free & fair elections first in Syria.

It is hoped that instead of living in a fool’s paradise Indians will come on earth and will try to remove the above mentioned explosive political vacuum before it is too late.


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