Without Kashmir solution India will continue to get eggs on its face as after Anantnag attack. By Hem Raj Jain


On February 14, 2019 Pulwama attack took place (which India alleged Pakistan sponsored militants carried out) in which 40 security personnel were killed. In response to it India carried out aerial strike at Balakot on February, 26 even at Pakistani soil (and not merely on the soil of PoJK). Pakistan responded to it by February, 27 aerial strike at military installations of India in which an Indian fighter plane was destroyed and Indian pilot was captured by Pakistan and was released soon after.

The Pakistanis were dancing and even General Musharraf (former Pak Army Chief and former President of Pakistan) was boasting and gloating that Pakistan is one-up (its videos and report available on youtube and media) because India did not reply to February, 27 aerial strike on India by Pakistan. But PM Modi  BJP / Hindutva forces carried out a full blown false propaganda during 2019 Parliamentary election campaign that India is one-up and India like Balakot strike will always go into Pakistan and will hit the terrorists if any terrorist attack happens in India in future by Pak proxies (by saying that ‘Ghar me ghus kar marenge’).

This macho posture against Muslim Pakistan by Hindu majority India brought handsome political dividends to BJP in 2019 Parliamentary election because communal nationalism got boost due to it and it electorally mobilized Hindus in great numbers who have been pushed by BJP towards theocratic State the 'Hindu Rashtra' as is evident from the statements of many office bearers and even Member of Parliament of BJP including MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur during her election campaign at Bhopal (and will be more evident from next week when Hindutva forces will press for Ram Mandir at disputed site of Babri Masjid notwithstanding its title suit pending in Supreme Court).

Here one may be puzzled as to why Congress party and other opposition parties allowed BJP to get away with it (the fake macho posture against Pakistan) when Pakistan was one up as was known to them all and it was even mentioned in an editorial in prominent newspaper ‘The Times of India’ by defense commentator Manoj Joshi. But this is not a puzzle at all because Congress and all other parties in India are under debilitating influence of ‘Brahmanism’ (mainly priestly class)  and do not want ‘Kshatriyas’ (warrior class) to gain importance in Indian politics. That is the reason Britisheres sent Gokhale to bring Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa (as mentioned at https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/blogs/et-commentary/gopal-krishna-gokhales-repeated-requests-brought-mahatma-gandhi-back-to-india/ ) so that Indians ( about 2 million of them returned battle hardened from World War I) could not raise guns for independence  even after Jaliawalan Bag massacre in Punjab (from where huge number of people joined World War I). India did not use superior air-force against China in 1962 and preferred to suffer humiliating defeat, so on and on.

Here it is pertinent to mention that Indians have some funny ideas about State matters. The independence struggle was merely for partial independence because India sought independence only from civilian element of the then government of the Britishers and not from its martial element as Indians did not raise guns for independence. Had the blood of both Hindus and Muslims flown together on Indian soil (as happened in 1857) after World War II (when again about  2 million battle hardened Indians returned from  War) no communal force (from Muslims or Hindus) would have dared to even ask for partition of India.

India paid the price for it when about 1 million Indians were killed and about 15 million Indians were displaced in horribly gory situation during India’s partition in 1947 (born out of so-called non-violent freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi and his politically naïve followers like Nehru, Patel etc) and Indians are still paying price for it. But whether debilitated ‘Kshatriyas’ of Hindu order under ‘Brahmanism’ like it or not the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written and Kashmir problem will see to it.

After Balakot the Congress and other opposition parties did not ask BJP / PM Modi as to why government did not replying to February, 27 aerial strike by Pakistan on India, because that would have escalated war and which have ended in retrieve of PoJK and that would have improved the clout of warrior class in Indian Politics. But now the bluff of Modi Government has again been called-off. On the eve of SCO summit as per Government of India the Pakistani sponsored militants have killed 5 CRPF Jawans and injured equal numbers in an attack at Pathankot in J&K. But now India (contrary to what PM Modi promised rather boasted during election campaign) is not going in Pakistan territory to attack these Pak sponsored terrorists. Which means ‘Ghar me ghus kar marenge’ boast has now become an embarrassment for India.

All “these eggs on India’s face” is the result of unresolved Kashmir problem which cannot be solved unless India retrieves PoJK. But only a secular and socialist (welfare-State) India can do it as people of PoJK will prefer to join such India only and it can be achieved only when:-

(1)- India restores secularism by minimum two writ petitions as given below :-


and  http://wadikinews.com/public-interest-writ-petition-under-article-226-of-the-constitution-with-respondents-i-the-union-of-india-ii-the-state-of-jk/

(2)- India establish welfare –State by deploying huge State-capital of Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore in the interest of the people, to be recovered from about one million tax evaders as mentioned at  https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Prominent-people-hiding-taxable-income-Jaitley/articleshow/51408323.cms

India in its apathy towards suffering of Muslim Kashmiris has gone to such a length that it is openly flaunting its absurd  & ludicrous Pakistan policy that India will not talk to Pakistan unless it stops terrorism. India is making itself laughing stocks by saying so without understanding that India should talk to Pakistan precisely because it is inflicting terrorism on India (after-all if a neighbor is throwing stone on some one’s house then he cannot say that he will not talk unless neighbor stops throwing stone). But India talks such nonsense for the simple reason that ultimately in any talk Kashmir will be discussed and India knows that present day communal India will never get Kashmir in any fair settlement of Kashmir problem and Indians cannot tolerate another partition of their mother land.

Therefore India should stop playing over-smart and should understand that the powerful Western Christian world led by USA will not be able to protect India on Kashmir issue for ever. Any grave untoward incidence in Kashmir (especially in present increased alienation of Kashmiris after Burhan Wani incidence of July, 2016) having a potential of converting Indo-Pak conflict into Indo-Islam conflict (in view of Pak former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif commanding 'Sunni-NATO' and Pakistani soldiers reportedly providing security to Palaces and Holy sites of Mecca, Medina in Saudi Arabia) will be extremely difficult for India to handle.

It is hoped that India will show wisdom of solving Kashmir problem through plebiscite after restoring secularism and after establishing welfare State in India as mentioned above so that it does not face embarrassing situation of getting eggs on its face as is happening presently after un-responded Anantnag strike of June, 12 by Pak sponsored militants.


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