NDAA OK, but India should go to NAME instead of allowing USA to make India theater of Shia-Sunni World War. By Hem Raj Jain


India is the only secular democratic country (that too of ~ 1.35 billion people) in Asia (based on the political values of Western Liberal World led by USA) hence it faces permanent grave existential threat by its neighbors and which can be handled effectively only when NATO provides requisite military support to India. Therefore ‘The National Defense Authorisation Act’ or NDAA is overdue and welcome development. India is now on a par with America's NATO allies Japan, Australia and South Korea following passage of a bill by the US Senate in a key move to increase defence partnership including advanced technology transfer. The House is expected to take up its version of the NDAA before July 29 and then it will become a law as reported at :


But presently NDAA is coming in a particular context of US-Iran Conflict hence India has to be careful and  should go to NAME region instead of allowing USA to make India the theater of Shia-Sunni World War as explained  below:-

(1)- The chances of US-Iran / Shia-Sunni World War are not that remote and its adverse impact on India are not that mild as mentioned at

https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/us-iran-tensions-escalation-donald-trump-india-5807959/  Rather these are compelling and its impact is disastrous for India as it may lead (if not handled intelligently) to another dismemberment of India.

(2)- Though present India is not the British India of 1947 which trifurcated the mother land, rather presently it is the total of Princely States & British India. As reported this development of NDAA comes amid a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump in Osaka after the visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to New Delhi. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah duo like Gandhi-Patel duo (as-far Nehru it did not matter, either united or partitioned India, as long as he was made PM) are showing British-India mindset. Hence the Indians with Princely-States-India mindset should take responsibility to inform the Indians about the danger of another dismemberment of the motherland of India, if India falls in the trap of USA.

(3)- Under regime of Prez Trump, whatever right or wrong (like shifting of capital of Israel to Jerusalem without solving Palestine problem, cancelling unilaterally & arbitrarily the Iran nuclear deal etc) Jew-Israel wanted has been given to it. Hence despite USA & Iran when in addition to Saudi Arabia, UAE etc the Jew- Israel want (may be due to Jew Jared Kushner the son-in-law of Trump as senior adviser to Trump) the US-Iran / Shia-Sunni World War keenly & eagerly, then it is bound to happen.

(4)- Earlier Shias and Sunnis around Israel were against Israel on Palestine issue. But now Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia (SaAr) are with Israel (with the support of NATO led by USA) against Shia Iran (due to alleged support of Shia Iran to its militant proxies in Sunni majority regions which is causing immense human rights problems in Syria, Yemen etc and which is the main reason for USA to cancel Iran nuclear deal because the money Iran got after nuclear deal due to lifting of sanctions were allegedly used by Iran for financing Shia militants & terrorists mainly in Sunni countries). Therefore now it has become very easy for Israel to trigger Shia-Sunni World War.

(5)- At the same time before roping-in India for Shia-Sunni World War the USA does not or does not want to know that India is extremely vulnerable on two fronts against Shia group supported by China-Russia (i)- On military front due to Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh / N-E (ii)- On economic front due to unsecured crucial & huge oil imports (84 % of oil is imported which will become uncertain during Shia-Sunni World War and substantial part of remaining 16 % will be needed by Indian military during this war). 

(6)- The USA, presently in Presidential election mode, will not put its boots on ground and the USA knows that (without Pakistani boots on ground) the Sunni world led by SaAr (which could not subdue Shia Iran in Yemen) is incapable of taking on Shia group of Iran supported by China-Russia. Hence the USA is trying to make India the theater of US-Iran / Shia-Sunni World War. But If India plays this game of USA then another dismemberment of India is highly likely.

(7)- Pakistan being a Sunni majority country (and Pak former Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif being the Commander of SaAr sponsored Sunni-NATO) will obviously prefer to join the Sunni group but geography is half the politics. Pakistan surrounded by China, Russia, Iran will constrain nuclear Pakistan (de-facto protectorate of China) to remain neutral in this Shia-Sunni war. This will be a huge setback to Sunni group but Pakistan will be able to pacify Sunnis of Pakistan and rest of the Sunni world by saying that China will help / reward it in snatching at-least Muslim Kashmir (if not rest of J&K) from India (otherwise also, as an Indian Veteran General said that a Muslim military officer told him that Shia-Sunni may fight each other but when it comes to Hindus then both will join hands against Hindus).

(8)- This help / reward, China of Shia group can easily provide to neutral Pakistan against India (i)- By igniting entire Indo-China border  (ii)- By giving military support to Pakistan in J&K which will help Pakistan in cutting off J&K from rest of India (iii)- By showing the  militarily snatching of Arunachal Pradesh from India which China claims its territory. China has not forgotten Doklam from where China can easily cut-off entire North-East from India which will make it easy for China to militarily snatch Arunachal Pradesh from India.

[Here it can be mentioned that rest of India otherwise also does not have emotional connect (due to religious and ethnic prejudices) with Kashmir and North-East which leaves very little for local people to desire to be with India]

(9)- Pakistan is pining to dismember India as revenge for 1971 war when India dismembered Pakistan by creating Bangladesh. Hence snatching Kashmir from India is Pakistan’s ardent desire. Furthermore, in case India is seen very openly playing the game of USA in US-Iran / Shia-Sunni World War and especially in Indo-Pacific theater then China may further reward Pakistan (as part of Doklam thrust) in assimilating Bangladesh (a Sunni country) back in Pakistan, as East Pakistan again.

(10)- Therefor India, without wasting further time,  should try to solve US-Iran conflict by going  to NAME region as given below:-

(i)- The solution to US – Iran problem in Syria, Yemen etc in NAME region (where millions of people are bleeding & weeping profusely and where USA & its allies are complaining that Shia Iran is supporting terrorists and militant trouble makers in Sunni majority areas) is not a rocket science and it can easily be solved by carrying out elections first in Syria under supervision of ‘UN Election Commission’ (UNEC) under secular constitution. India should offer personnel (military and civil in millions whatever needed) for ‘UN Peace Keeping Force’ (UNPKF) and for UNEC in order to ensure free & fair elections first in Syria.

(ii)- The US-Iran conflict can be resolved by India by offering its nukes for complete denuclearization. India should demand that the nuclear 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' (WMDs) of all the nuclear powers (5 permanent members of UN and India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea etc) should be handed over to UN authorities for ultimate destruction and UN should ensure that no country is able to develop new nuclear WMDs.

(iii)- India should demand that the chronic & gory Israel-Palestine problem should be solved by one-State solution for both Jews and Palestinians and not through unjust & mischievous two-State solution as mentioned at https://www.alwihdainfo.com/Trump-should-promote-only-One-State-Solution-for-Israel_a50564.html 

(11)- This India will be able to do only when first India disarms Pakistan by carrying-out plebiscite in unified J&K after retrieving PoJK (militarily or otherwise) as per ‘Instrument of Accession’ and simultaneously restoring secularism (which will also establish India’s credibility as secular State before going to NAME region) as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3316  and establishing welfare State (then only Muslim Kashmir & PoJK will opt for India) by recovering Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore Income tax from about one million tax evaders as mentioned at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Prominent-people-hiding-taxable-income-Jaitley/articleshow/51408323.cms  where this huge revenue will not only solve all the economic problems of India (which already is in rural distress where tens of thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year) but will also make India a top-class world power economically and militarily.

Therefore Instead of adopting ostrich approach India should take active interest rather lead in solving US-Iran conflict as mentioned above otherwise it will be too late and difficult for India to hold together if USA succeeds in making India the theater of Shia-Sunni World War which USA is obviously planning to do through NDAA. But for these solutions first of all Indians will have to develop a confidence that they can also and are prepared to solve global problems which are not exclusively white-man’s burden.

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