NSP released by Imran meaningless election speech because doesn’t address communal issues with mainly India & Afghanistan of mini-SAARC. By Hem Raj Jain


Imran should know, after March 10 U.P. election results, Indian religions will try to bring mini-SAARC region again under one political rule of secular democracy.

–National Security Advisors (NSA) are kept by many countries who normally deal with the issues of national security protected by military, para-military and police of the countries regarding matters of external security, internal security (uprising) and terrorism. Some larger issues which disturb national life like natural calamities, pandemic etc are also dealt with by NSA. But the 48 page ‘National Security Policy’ (NSP) released by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on January 14 (https://www.arabnews.pk/node/2004241/pakistan ) is more an election speech than NSP statement as it deals with many subjects and issues which in other democracies are dealt by Home Ministry, Finance Ministry (including during annual budget) and by other Ministries in a regular way.

But what is most disappointing about this NSP is the mention of Riyasat-e-Medina in this document without any sense of either purpose or reality on the part of Imran because Imran does not understand that :-

(i)- The last word on India’s partition is yet to be written.

(ii)- The unresolved problems of (A)- J&K and Balochistan about their ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) and (B)- Forced illegal population transfer during partition which now requires dual citizenship of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to about 160 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. Moreover, Afghanistan refusing to recognize Durand Line - will see to it that the ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC’ (FSD-mini-SAARC) of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan becomes one country under one political authority. 

(iii)- Muslims as rulers were replaced between late 17th and early 19th century from most of India by Marathas & Sikhs and all these three were replaced by Britishers (from 1757 to 1857) which tried to introduce human rights friendly, powerful & progressive secular democracy in British India. Hence the Hindus of Hindutva forces, Khalistani Sikhs and communal Muslims who think that they can establish theocracy (de-facto or de-jure) in any of the mini-SAARC region, are living in their make believe world.

(iv)- It is only pre-partition India (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) where politicians like Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru, Patel, Suhrawardy, Liaquat Ali Khan etc [who not only destroyed the territorial integrity of the motherland but are also responsible for the genocide of about 1 million and forced displacement of about 10 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, under gory situation due to partition] are regarded as heroes though any one who can’t protect the territorial integrity of the country doesn't know even abcd of politics (here one should keep the example of US President Abraham Lincoln in mind who didn’t allow the USA to break-up during civil war of 1861 which caused huge loss of lives, blood and properties of the people).

(v)- Had the blood of Hindus & Muslims [who provide about 2 million people (mostly martial) to Britishers during World War I & II each] flown together on the soil of India (as was the case in 1857 uprising) for independence of India, no communal forces of Hindus & Muslims would have dared to even talk about partitioning the motherland. To be fair to Muslims, when India was to have democracy then the majority community the Hindus were expected to take this martial lead but Hinduism dominated by Brahminism doesn't allow the warrior class (the Kshatriyas) to become important hence India was partitioned [Incidentally, this Brahmin - Kshatriya problem of Hinduism was the main reason Maratha empire could not succeed in India. First Brahmins refused to coronet (Rajtilak) of Shivaji Maharaj the founder of Maratha empire from so-called backward caste of Hindu order, hence Shivaji had to call Brahmins from Varanasi (U.P.) for Rajtilak and then Brahmins the Peshwa took de-facto control of Maratha empire which resulted in warrior class establishing their own kingdoms, (Shinde in Gwalior, Holkar in Indore, Gaikwad in Baroda etc.). Ultimately the fight for Peshwai resulted in 3 Anglo-Maratha wars which eliminated the Maratha empire. The same Brahamin power is behind Hindutva forces which (through BJP) are presently ruling India. ]. 

(vi)- Now India is not merely British India but about 565 princely States too,  which will see to it that the territorial integrity of India is restored.  

(vii)- It is only a matter of time that some religion (out of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Christianity which have considerable and crucial presence in mini-SAARC region) will show the enterprising spirit to take the responsibility of establishing & protecting a secular democratic State in the mini-SAARC region.

(viii)- After March 10 [when the results of crucial (having bearing on continuity of Hindutva rule in India) election in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) will be announced] whichever way the election result goes, India is bound to witness the rise of such pro-secular-democracy religion in India  which will take initiative to establish FSD-mini-SAARC for the simple reason that India (where most of the people are suffering economically as in Pakistan) has realized that unless the poison of communalism is eradicated, this region can’t progress and without un-doing the partition this region cannot be rid of communalism. 

(ix)- Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam are already mobilized about political matters of mini-SAARC. Jainism has started gearing-up for this purpose (as mentioned at https://chauthiduniya.com/jains-in-usa-should-ponder-over-future-of-jainism/ ) . As far as Christianity (which has a support base in the West led by the USA) and Buddhism (which has support bases in countries of China, East Asia. Sri Lanka etc where Buddhists are in either majority or in considerable numbers) these religions will take no time in throwing their hats in the arena for dominating mini-SAARC region politically once Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Jainism start doing it after March 10 (as above mentioned).

(x)- In the modern world the countries are carved out not on the basis of religion but language hence the FSD-mini-SAARC is the political destiny of this region due to Hindi with Devanagari script. 

Therefore before Hindu India takes the lead for unify Indian motherland, Imran instead of wasting his time, energy and resources on such meaningless  ‘National Security Policy’ should try to establish Riyasat-e-Medina in mini-SAARC region by:-

(1)- Demanding plebiscite in united J&K (mandated by IoA of J&K to India) and also by declaring that there will be plebiscite in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure despite  contrary resolution by its Parliament / Jirga). After these plebiscites, united - J&K and Balochistan can either go to India or to Pakistan or can become  members of FSD-mini-SAARC. 

(2)- Regarding Afghanistan, Imran himself need not say so rather Imran can ask any PTI member to say in the media that the Imran government doesn’t recognize Durand Line (as an office bearer of PTI  said during TV debate that Taliban will help Pakistan in taking Kashmir militarily).

(3)- Demanding ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus. Sikhs and Muslims (and their descendants) who were forcibly displaced from their motherland during partition (from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) which not only communalized Indian subcontinent, thoroughly but has also made partition of India illegal because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’. Moreover Imran should declare that Pakistan (with world community) will ensure (militarily if necessary) if India and Bangladesh fail to provide proper law & order to these Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who would go there with ‘dual citizenship’.

(4)- ​​Declaring that because every economically developed country works in its native language (hence they are economically developed) therefore the FSD-mini-SAARC will also work in all fields (science, technology , allopathic medicines etc) in Hindi with Devanagari script (ultimately) except in South India (which also uses Sanskrit, the mother of Hindi, with Devanagari script in religion, the Hinduism) which will be free to decide this matter. Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc are Hindi variant languages and even Urdu uses the syntax / grammar of Hindi. Hence this one policy will not only make the entire FSD-mimi-SAARC emotionally integrated one country of about 1.9 billion people (of largest consumer market in the world) but will also make Imran readily acceptable to the economically humble population (of the entire mini-SAARC region) which is in overwhelming majority and which is losing its economic battle against those who work in English. 

It is hoped that instead of giving merely lip service to Riyasat-e-Medina through meaningless said ‘National Security Policy’, Imran will establish ‘Islam promoted and protected’ rule in FSD-mini-SAARC region under one political authority by doing as mentioned above which will go a long way in solving the problems of remaining Muslim world also, which is bleeding & weeping profusely for many decades from NAME to Myanmar region.

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