West / USA should know if SCP continues to ignore defection matter Imran can take-over Pakistan by militant-Jihad with clandestine Russia-China support. By Hem Raj Jain


The SCP should stop playing with fire instead should urgently decide the defection case of 26 PTI MLAs of Punjab (ii)- The SCP shouldn’t ignore veiled appeal of Punjab Governor Cheema to PTI / Imran (read militant-Jihadis) to take-over Punjab & its government (iii)- No one (including the West / USA) should underestimate the appeal & power of ‘La ilaha illalah’ in Pakistan which came into existence on the basis of Islam. 

– How a politician unnecessarily & naively harms his political power out of unbecoming love of his family members is clear from what the ‘West led by the USA supported PM Shehbaz’ did about his son Hamza, whom Shehbaz got installed as the present CM of Punjab. The Shehbaz - government is not only legal but legitimate too. Because even if there was alleged US-conspiracy to dislodge Imran-govt it was a matter between US-govt & Pakistan-govt (the then Imran-govt) and Member of Parliament (MNAs) had nothing to do with it. Hence no-confidence motion brought by MNAs was legal & legitimate unless these MNAs committed some crime which had a potential of disqualifying them. The Imran-govt (during about relevant two months when it was in power) never provided any actionable proof of any money trail etc between USA and these MNAs, therefore the govt of PM Shehbaz Sharif (after no-confidence against Imran-govt without vote of defectors from PTI) is a legal & legitimate government. 

But this is not the case with the Punjab government which may be legal (due to court order) but is illegitimate. There is a principle of jurisprudence that ‘no one should be allowed to take benefit & advantage of his or her wrongs’. The Punjab incumbent CM Hamza got a majority with 197 votes with the support of 26 defectors from PTI and they are liable to be disqualified. Hence the majority support base of Hamza is illegitimate in the eyes of the people (especially the Imran supporting civil & militant Jihadis)

Hence the decision of Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema (of Imran’s party the PTI,  before becoming governor and who still is being backed-up by and supporting the PTI) as reported at https://www.dawn.com/news/1688100/punjab-governor-says-will-send-reference-against-lhc-judge-for-decision-on-hamzas-oath-by-na-speaker  - [to send a reference against Lahore High Court's (LHC) Justice Jawad Hassan to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) for an illegal decision of directing the National Assembly speaker to administer oath to Chief Minister-elect Hamza Shehbaz] - is merely to further tell the people of Pakistan that whatever Governor Cheema is doing to protect the political rights of the people is as per laws & constitution of Pakistan.

The said reference to SJC by Cheema is not that explosive as his tweet message to Army Chief General Bajwa where Cheema said that if Gen Bajwa provided him with one subedar and four jawans, he would arrest the ‘illegal, unconstitutional and counterfeit, recently sworn-in Chief Minister Hamza’ (son of PM Shehbaz), and would throw him in jail. This ugly constitutional crisis has arisen in Pakistan because the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) is not deciding the issue of defection of 26 PTI Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) of Punjab (on who’s support Hamza secured 197 votes to become CM) and which is the cause of this constitutional crisis. It seems SCP is ignorant of the explosive situation (where Imran can replace ‘West / US-supported govt & miltablishment’ by militant Jihad (with the clandestine support of Russia / China) as mentioned below:-

(1)- The SCP should understand the meaning of two statements of the governor Cheema especially in view of the fact that President Arif Alvi (of PTI before he became President and who still is being backed-up by and supporting the PTI) will support Governor Cheema to any extent (i)- (while clarifying why he asked the Army Chief to provide army to arrest CM Hamza) that -  I would have appealed to the PUBLIC if I wasn't the Governor and (ii)- the Punjab province, which was facing a constitutional and legal crisis, had been taken hostage by force (during Shehbaz government) and termed the political parties' silence about it, very concerning. 

(2)- The SCP should know that it is an open invitation to the PTI (in case Gen Bajwa doesn’t provide army to Governor Cheema to arrest CM Hamza) to intervene by a militant-Jihad to restore the laws & constitution of Pakistan in Punjab by arresting Hamza and by restoring the government of former CM Usman Buzdar of PTI (who’s resignation has already been declared by Governor Cheema as invalid because it was neither in Buzdar’s handwriting nor was it addressed to Governor). 

(3)- The SCP seems to be under delusion that nothing will happen because the miltablishment (the security forces of Pakistan including Pak - military and other establishment) will take care of any & every thing about PTI if it applies force on ground to achieve its political objectives. But nothing can be far from the truth in the given global scenario of the Ukraine war and the resurgence of militant Jihadis in Afghanistan, as explained below.

(4)- Imran was perceived to be getting closer to Russia  (that too during the Ukraine war hence Imran was removed from power by the USA as was revealed also by US defense analyst Dr Rebecca Grant as reported at https://www.dawn.com/news/1687919 ) hence Imran / PTI knows that the West led by the USA will support the PM Shehbaz - government which will make stability of Shehbaz government assured (also by getting economic & financial help to Pakistan from its allies, IMF, World Bank etc). As far as the boast of Imran [about the peace march in the end of May (of 2 to 3 million) to Islamabad and then Dharna (sit-in) over there] Imran / PTI knows that even if it happens as boasted it will not be effective if it remains peaceful and within law. And if it becomes violent (by the agitating civilian Jihadis) then the miltablishment is quite capable of managing them even by putting them en-mass in jail.

(5)- Therefore Imran / PTI has only one  alternative to recapture power that is to press the militant Jihadis in this project. The PTI / Imran can go for this gamble for the simple reason that they can get the support not only of the militant-Jihadis in Pakistan & from Afghanistan etc but also the support from Pak - military in which there is considerable presence of pro- Jihad / Imran faction as reported widely in the mainstream & social media of Pakistan and also in international media as at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK3V1JUGmnc . 

(6)- In this militant-Jihad (in addition to arousing anti-US and anti-India sentiments) Imran will get huge support because he is considered in popular perception as pro-Islam due to his fight against Islamophobia at every international forum including at the UN, his well publicized intentions of establishing Riyasat-e-Madina, his constant & repeated  reminder to Pakistanis that ‘what is the meaning of Pakistan’ ('Pakistan ka matlab kya') -  ‘La ilaha illallah’ which Imran in the given situation has interpreted as - “[Fear only Allah and not the USA hence come out of ‘Gulami’ (servitude) of the West led by the USA and instead strive for ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ (true freedom) for which in 1940 the father of the nation ‘Qaed-e-azam Jinnah’ vowed to create Pakistan]”   

(7)- This militant Jihadi takeover of Pakistan in the given situation may become possible because Russia and China would like the ‘US-supported govt of Shehbaz & miltablishment’ to be removed from power. Hence Russia & China would provide every support (even clandestine) to ensure the success of Imran in this political transformation of Pakistan. Moreover China  (during on-going cold war - II) is already trying hard & incessantly to install ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ in border-sharing Pakistan to safeguard its interests including CPEC / Gwadar - port. It goes without saying that in such militant-Jihad in Pakistan the border sharing China & neighboring Russia will be more important rather crucial than the distant West led by the USA.

Therefore if the West led by the USA doesn’t want the take over of Pakistan by militant-Jihad led by the former PM Imran then it should ensure that the Supreme Court of Pakistan urgently decides the defection matter of 26 MLAs of Punjab and the related matters which have created the current explosive constitutional crisis in Pakistan.

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