Prez Biden faces historic challenge to convert Iran from Ayatollah model of governance to liberal secular democracy in Iran. By Hem Raj Jain


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in view of on-going massive attacks on Iran, after Sunni-Islam & Tibet Buddhism the Shia Islam failed to sustain through Ayatollahs  the religious leader of State model of Jainism (ii)- Prez BIden can win the  trust of Iranians and wider Muslim world only when resits demand and pressure of powerful US-Jewish lobby and theocratic Israel especially about Palestinians.

Throughout the history of mankind saints and warriors have shaped the destiny and history of the world. In modern times warriors are employed by the State hence it was thought that if these two factors (saints and warriors) join hands then that will be a formidable political arrangement / system to achieve the desired objectives. Therefore a saint or prophet or a religious leader leading / heading the State was sought and it first came into existence through Jainism. 

In popular perception there are two religions which are based on non-violence namely Jainism and Buddhism  and people think that Jainism was started by Mahavir Swami and Buddhism was started by Gautam Buddh in about 6 th century B.C. But it is a wrong impression, of course Buddhism was started by Gautam Buddh Who was almost contemporary of Mahavir Swami but Jainism was started by its founder (its First Teerthankar) Rishabh Dev a King and not by Mahavir Swami Who is 24th Tirthankara of Jainism and was prince who renounced 'to be inherited Kingdom' . Which means that it is only Jainism which is not only the first and surviving non-violent religion of India / world but also was started by a religious leader (Rishabhdev) who was controlling the Kingdom / the State in modern times. 

Recently this Jainism model of religious leader of State was followed by the Caliphate of Turkey which came to an end after world war-I (for the restoration of which even Gandhiji led Khilafat movement from 1919 to 1922). After this Dalai Lama of Tibet is also trying to work such political model where Dalai Lama the religious leader of Tibet Buddhism (The religion of most of the Tibetans) is heading the ‘TIbet government in exile’ at Dharamshala in India but Dalai Lama has also failed to work this model of Jainism because even after living for over 60 years in IIndia Dalai Lama has failed to achieve the independence of Tibet (the main purpose of any government in exile). This Jainism model was tried to be adopted by the self declared Caliph of ISIS, Baghdadi but he also failed. Similarly Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey and former Pakistani PM Imaran Khan (through RIyasat-e- Madina) also tried to become sort of Caliph of Sunni-Muslim world with the help of the Malaysian president Mahathir but they have been even non-starters.  The Christian Western world tried to emulate this Jainism model with major difference when it tried Holy Roman empire in Europe by the alliance of religion (and not of religious leader) and warriors but it also failed and ultimately the West has rightly opted for democratic secularism which is necessary for free mind the sine-qua-non for the progress of modern powerful technologies and sciences including social sciences. 

This Jainism model of religious leader heading the State was ONLY TO SOME EXTENT successfully adopted  in Iran where Ayatollah Khoeinis have been heading the Iranian State since 1980s but now massive attacks on Iran  and on its fleets on 29th and 30th January of 2023 (without any military response, worth the name, from Iran) have demolished this model in Iran for all practical purposes. Otherwise also Under the rule of Khomeini's the Iranians have been suffering immensely (also due to sanctions by the West led by the USA). 

All these above mentioned efforts to adopt the Jainism model of religious leaders heading the State failed because without adopting non-violence (which they didn’t adopt hence failed) the essence of Jainism (through properly functioning modern State) this model of Jainism simply can’t be worked. 

At the same time  Prez BIden will be able to win the  trust of Iranians only when resits the demand and pressure of powerful US-Jewish lobby and theocratic Israelespeciaaly about Palestini who have wrongly been denied their fundamental right to live in their motherland. 

Now whether Iran will continue with the dysfunctional Ayatollah model of the Iranian State or will go for secular democracy (with support of the West led by the USA, the leader of the free world) will be watched with great interest not merely by the Muslim world but by the entire world in which the global leadership of Prez Biden will be a crucial fac

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