The Church, Homosexuality and The Church of Pakistan: By Julius Danish


The Church all over seems rightly divided over the issue of homosexuality. The Church leadership of the west has been lobbying hard for same sex marriage and acceptance of Gay and Lesbians within all the ranks including the Holy Orders. Since most of the money in the Church is held by the leadership of the western block they have managed to pressurize voters all over to make way for the implementation of their policies.

While they seem to accomplish a lot by implanting publicly known Gay bishops and showing flexibility in fabricating new norms and canons for the Church to proceed, yet there is wide spread resistance by the Orthodox more precisely by the Global South. The resistance by the Bishops and Primates has gone so far and public that the Primates of the Global South refused to share in the "Cup" by raising the vital question of the meaning of being in the Communion at the Primates meeting in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian Muslims had criticized the holding of Primates meeting in their country as an attempt to corrupt the society and of no use, yet they were right in saying so as on the one hand the worldwide society is trying hard to reduce the gap between the two leading religions of the world while on the other hand the issue of homosexuality is going to further widen this gap.


Role of "Malik and Mano"

Though the present position of the Synod of the Church of Pakistan is illegal, unconstitutional and pending adjudication before the competent Courts of Pakistan, however due to the convenience of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the western leaders Alexander John Malik is taken as representative of the Church of Pakistan and seated among the Primates against all the norms of civilized society.

Though illegal and unconstitutional, yet knowing the situation and the frame of mind of the Pakistani Christians Alexander John Malik was bound to place on record the feeling of the Pakistani Christians on the issue of homosexuality at all appropriate forums.

Malik criminally committed the sin of silence and did not represent the Church of Pakistan in letter and spirit and it would be wise on the part of the Global South to avoid him in future as to allow the true Orthodox Christians to represent the Pakistani Christians at appropriate forums.

The legal situations of both Bishops Malik and Mano Rumalshah are fragile in Pakistan, both legally and constitutionally. Mano retired and his services are extended for convenience by an illegal and unconstitutional Synod which already is restrained by the High Court of Sindh from making constitutional amendments in constitutions and byelaws and selling properties in any manner whatsoever for which reason the "multi million Mission hospital project" has been stopped by the Government. I observe that it was from God who stopped them as huge corruption in handling money was involved.

Now interestingly it is learnt that Mano is on the pay roll of the American Episcopal Church and serving in the Province of NWFP for the promotion of homosexuality. The NWFP Province is governed by MMA, a fanatic Muslim party Government which takes keen interest in such issues. The hardliners in Islamabad took into custody a family for sexual corruption a few weeks ago and the Government and masses of Mano`s city and Province would be interested in knowing these facts.

Already a case of fornication is pending in a court against him in his city of Peshawar. Hopefully the judge and the opponent party would be interested to know all these facts.

Another nightmare of Mano is the announcement of a parallel Diocese within his Diocese where it is expected that more to follow are in the pipeline.

All hats off to those who are sustaining him for their convenience at the cost of the Church of Pakistan . Hopefully the end of the earth is next for them to see as it is learnt that demands of new Dioceses are coming as people feel it difficult to remain in the communion with such elements.

Maybe effigies need to be burnt in the coming days to extend the hidden facts from the press, government and the masses.

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