Who is worthy to get a permanent berth in HELL? By Fr. Anand Muttungal


It is a question many people ask themselves at the advent senior citizen hood, how to get a berth in heaven? I thought it would be better to look from a wider perspective. I recently had been to a National Consultation on Communal Violence Bill 2009,(CVB), in Delhi organized by ANHAD. The “CVB” is the promise given by UPA Government in 2004 to counter communal violence. Since Indians are believed to be deeply religious, it would be worth reflecting over the Bill from that ankle. This concept of Religious is a matter of debate in many circles but I simply define them as those who follow all religious practices and rituals with utmost devotion and all possible harm to humanity yet believes that they will find a place in HEAVEN. I would also give a simple definition to deeply spiritual persons. I do this with two examples from the history, Mother Theresa and Jyoti Basu .
The Bill gives provision to the State Governments to declare an area as communally disturbed area. Once the area is declared, then this Bill comes in to force.. Then on any person or group can be arrested without warrant, searches can be done anywhere any time, all the arms will be asked to submit with the administration but whomever they feel that they need arms for self protection will be allowed to keep, gathering of stones will also be treated as punishable offence. There is no provision to punish the police or administrative officials who by commission or omission commit crimes. It could be compared to army rule or emergency.
In the case of violence, it provides no clear guidelines for immediate relief or rehabilitation or compensation. Keeping in mind the experiences of sexual crimes committed against women and alleged dubious role of the media in communal violence, we need to redefine crimes but Bill treats them as normal crimes. It can definitely create many communal war zones in the Country and perpetuated communal violence. Anyone who seriously studies the Bill might call it the ‘TADA’ of the UPA Government.
The definition of the communally disturbed area is very broad, ‘any area where violence is used against any group, caste or community resulting in grievous lose of life and property.... threatening the internal security of India or secular fabric, unity and integrity.’ It includes violence based on religion, caste, class and ideologies too. The Bill gives authority to State Government to declare the area. Even now a good section of the people believe that the Anti-Sikh violence, Ayodya violence, Gujrath violence, Jhabua and Khandmal anti-Christian violence, Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh, ethnic violence in North East, violence against Kashmiri Pandits etc. were silently supported by the respective Governments. The saga of human right violations from the DISTURBED AREAS of North East and J&K are examples before us.
It is a known fact that all the officials take oath to serve Country based on Constitution of India but over the years, many of them have been serving the Political Bosses of the successive Governments. In the past, they have joined hands with leaders of communal organizations of majority community and politicians to systematically eliminate the Minorities, Dalits, Tribals and Weaker sections. If the “CVB” is passed by the Central Government, it will prove to be an arm in their hands to do it with more safe guards.
After going through the Bill I feel that the wolfs walking in the garbs of sheep working with the UPA Government have exploited their good will. They have succeeded in their evil design by convincing the responsible persons in the Government that this bill is perfectly at the interest of the community. I believe that the one who commits murder might get a temporary berth in HELL comparing to the once who protects and perpetuates heinous crimes and violence. The evil mind behind this bill is trying to give cover to the criminals at all levels. The ruthless leaders and administrators will use this bill to target the weaker section to fulfil their self-motives. It will create many innocent victims who will cry to the Lord for Justice. This even after their death will provide a chain of people to shower curses upon them that will make their berth permanent in HELL.

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