Why Sharia4Pakistan campaigner Anjem Choudary living in United Kingdom? By Nazir S Bhatti


Who is Anjem Choudary? Why he is living in UK? What is Sharia4 Pakistan? Why he calls Pakistan regime, an apostate regime? Why he condemns Malala Yousafzai? Why he is preaching Islamic Jihad sitting in UK? Why he wants Islamic Sharia around globe? These entire questions are very important to be discussed but I must present one incidence:
It is New York City, street 5th East and a Deli on corner of 2nd Avenue, where I used to drink special Pakistani branded tea and to take Samosas in my break hours from work; it is one evening of December, 2000; I remember one Pakistani Muslim employee serving Pakistani Cab drivers and others customers behind the counter on very low wages in night watch in this deli;
One evening, when I was enjoying my tea and deserts, one bearded Muslim cabby entered in Deli and ordered for Chicken Kababs; He started cursing Deli employees “You Kafir (Infidel) what you will answer Prophet Mohammad on day of judgment, you will go directly to hell on selling bear and playing lottery for people”; It must be noted that in State of New York, all grocery stores, restaurants and Deli’s you can sell bear with due permission while many states prohibit of sale and only can be purchased from special outlets.
I kept silent listening conversation of that Pakistani Muslim cabbie wearing Shalwar Kameez (Pakistani Dress) and changing colors of face of that Muslim employee of Deli/Restaurant. When that Cab driver left Deli, I asked that employee “Why you not answered that cab driver?” He replied “My father sold all his property in Pakistan to pay agent to get me visa for USA, while here I have paid thousands of dollars to marry an American women for status adjustment and have to support my family back in Pakistan, so, I not want to take any risk as my case is under process with immigration”. I finished my tea and headed back to my office. On my way back, I kept thinking of attitude of that Muslim cabby and miserable condition of that Muslim employee.
After two weeks, I saw that Muslim bearded Pakistani cab driver again entering in Deli and ordering food for him. He started again telling Deli employee “Leave this job which is making you infidel by selling bear and search for any job which is according to Islamic teachings”
Suddenly, my mind compelled me to talk with Muslim cab driver: I asked him are you Muslim sir? He replied with proud and honor with one Arabic word “Masha-Allaha”. Next question, I asked him “What Islam teaches about interest economy?” he instantly said “Interest is Harm in Islam”. Then why you accept “Dollar” from your customers who ride your taxi as “Dollar is unit of Interest base economy”? If Interest is Haram in Islam then Dollar is also Haram according to Islam:
The Muslim cab driver shocked his head and said “What you mean by it?” I said “I meant that you must go back to Pakistan and earn Pure Money which states on its rupees bills that “Rizke Halal is Ain Abadat” not interest based US Dollars. The cab driver silently left café and the Muslim employee of Deli told me after months that “He comes sometime but never talks about Hilal or Haram earnings any more”.
My question to Anjem Choudary is same which I asked that Muslim bearded Cab driver in New York: “Mr. Anjem why are you living in United Kingdom, earning Pound Sterling (which is interest based Currency) and Islam declares Interest to be Haram and you talk about Sharia4Pakistan, living and buying your Halal food with Haram money?” Are you a Muslim? Do you practice Sharia law? Leave UK as a protest and go to a country like Saudi or wherever on globe where you may buy your food with Halal Money.
My suggestion to Anjem Choudary and many other so-called Islamists is: Do not misuse freedom of expression and speech enshrined in Western Constitutions and learn true Islam which preaches love and peace, if it is true;
See what clarifications Anjem Choudary issues on Sharia4Pakistan:
1. The shariah4pakistan body have not issued a Fatwa or death sentence against Malala Yousafzai rather it is investigating her case fully together with the involvement of the Pakistani authorities
2. What is clear is that the Pakistan regime is an apostate regime allied with the enemies of Islam & Muslims who implement kufr (non-Islamic) law
3. The Taliban & Muslims must believe in Islamic education for both boys and girls with segregation as specified under the Shari'ah. Indeed when not involved in war those amongst the Taleban opened many schools for women and even the British restricted education during the Second World War due to the obvious dangers
4. What has been said regarding Malala such as her denying Jihad and the Hijab and helping the US war effort all need to be verified & could amount to apostasy or they could amount to sin; in any case she will be given the usual excuses such as ignorance & mistake etc
5. We therefore ask Muslims not to listen to the media who have distorted our statements as a threat to Malala Yousafzai
6. However confusion among the youth is no surprise under the Pakistan kufr system and a government allied with the USA
7. Without Shariah implemented the Muslim youth will develop a secular mindset and not love the Shari'ah and Islam as they should
8. The views of those at the Lal Masjid are respected & our 30th Nov. conference can take place outside of it. A masjid under Shariah cannot prevent the mention of Allah's name inside but we understand the sensitivity. The initial advertisement of the Lal Masjid for the conference was based on assurances from former students. The 30th Nov. Conference by shariah 4 pakistan will hence now take place outside of the Lal Masjid insha'Allah
9. We condemn Muhammad Ali Jinnah as an enemy of Islam, the kufr constitution of Pakistan and the illegitimate regime of Zardari and their use of Malala as a pawn against the mujahideen to please their masters; the Americans
10. The solution to all of the problems of Pakistan lie in implementing the law of Allah (Shari'ah) and to have no ties with the US or UN or any kufr bodies
11. The shari'ah 4 pakistan project is a long term one insha'Allah and will continue until the Shari'ah is implemented!
Mr. Anjem Choudary, if you were living in Saudi Arabia and issuing such statement, you know what your fate was going to be?

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