Fathwa of Jihad and to kill two Pakistani Christians to one Muslim by US strikes in Afghanistan is UN Islamic.


The call of Jihad by the extremist Muslim religious parties of Pakistan in general and Decree to kill two Pakistani Christians in particular is against the spirit of Islam When they are son of soil, entered under treaty by the resoulation of Pakistan

The pact of Najran by Prophet Mohammad with Christians also defy such calls by Muslim religious leaders, further in details, an example to clarify the christian world can be viewed according to the Islamic history that Prophet (PBHU) entered into two treaties and six pacts with Jew and Christian tribes of Bani Auf, Al Harris, Sa, Ida, Jusham, An- Najjar, Amr, Al Wabiyyat, Al-Aus, Jafna, Al Shotaiba, and Hashm to defend Medina. In the light of Madina treaty, the Muslims of this era cant not declare Jihad against US or any other nation on globe with any different belief, when they have been entered in dozens of economic, social and political pacts and agreements on UNO forum and other bilateral accords. If they give a call of Jihad, they are suppose to break all such ties and decisions, which they can not, because the present Amir of Pakistan General Parvez Mushraf has declared to follow up the UNO resolutions, against the terrorism. The people of Pakistan, weather they are Muslims or any other religious sect or community to follow the call of Jihad of Mullah Umer of Taliban regime in Afghanistan, when they have their own Amir in Pakistan, the president of Pakistan duly accepted by these religious parties leaders as their head of state till September 11, 2001. The Islam takes minorities as the sacred trust too and this sacred trust of Pakistan have fought three wars, shoulder to shoulder with Muslims, to defend pakistan from enemies aggression and played positive role for integrity and solidarity of homeland and being part of treaty are not subject to any Fathwa of Jihad When Prophet Mohammad declined any Decree or ' Fathwa ' against those who may have entered in any treaty or pact with Muslims before or after war.

Now Christians of pakistan are expressing their grave concern on issuance of Fathwa ' decree' by the Muslim religious leaders on Friday prayer sermons to kill two Pakistani christian if one Muslim is killed by the allied forces strikes on Afghanistan and term it as un Islamic and against the treaty of Pakistan resoulation carrying three articles to ensure safety and guarantee of religious, social, economic and cultural values of religious minorities on joining pakistan movement and role of Christians in Round Table Conferences and Boundry Commission in favor of Pakistan are part of pakistan history, where as under articles 8-26 of constitution of Islamic Republic of pakistan 1973, the minorities are taken as sacred trust and religious decree against these citizen is violation of rights as well as against the spirit of Islam.

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